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Connectid DataMapper automatically maps all your company’s
personal data across files and documents.
Find data. Get an overview. Limit GDPR risks.
Get the necessary information you need to take action
and track your GDPR compliance.
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Mapping all personal data with Connectid DataMapper

Our 3 most important commitments to you

Connectid DataMapper presents one dashboard to easily navigate through all your company’s documents and it’s contents. Now you can automatically identify and review GDPR risks – responding to an access request has never been simpler!
1. Automating your company’s GDPR efforts

No matter the number of GDPR policies your company has, there are always a million unmapped documents floating around. These documents need to be identified and handled – and documented for audit purposes. Now you can identify all the needed documents containing personal data automatically. This is whether data is stored at your desktop, in an email attachment, or within your company’s cloud storage – you get a centralized overview.

2. Avoid getting large fines

Not complying with the GDPR can lead to large fines. Now you can stop worrying – Connectid DataMapper eases the compliance process by automatically finding all personal data for you. By using Connectid-tools you’ll take a huge step towards GDPR compliance – without even spending precious time on doing it manually.

3. Cutting your company costs

Privacy requirements let any person require access, to all the personal data your company has concerning her or him. It is estimated that the process of finding and delivering such data can cost around €5,000 per request and that the data are to be found in around 21 different systems. Connectid DataMapper is easily integrated into most document locations and helps you to map all personal data in your documents on a person-by-person level – preparing your company to easily meet privacy requests for a minimum cost.

How to use Connectid DataMapper

How it works

Automatically identifying documents
Run scan

Choose the document locations you want to scan
(desktop, emails, local or cloud storage, etc.).

Reads and understands document content
Discover GDPR risks

Identify all needed documents across destinations without moving them from their original location.

Organize and present documents
Map sensitive risks

Documents are organized, easy to access, and risk mitigate
– now it’s easy to prioritize the highest risks first.

Extract and present business intelligence
Review & take action

With continuous monitoring and necessary information at hand, it’s easy to take action and track GDPR compliance.

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Most common reasons for trying Connectid DataMapper

Gathering all important documents, in one place, easily accessible for employees, is a struggle.
Important files are often spread across mailboxes which leads to frustration and a waste of time.
Spending a lot of time searching for documents that are stored in different places, is too time-consuming and inefficient.
Hover over and get the reasons.

Benefits with Connectid DataMapper

Plug-n-play setup

Sign up today, and you’ll be up and running in less than 10 min. And even better, you won’t need to train or customize anything
– Connectid DataMapper already knows your documents.

Smooth onboarding

Invite colleagues, manage their permission levels, and let them scan their file locations for relevant documents – they will be onboarded in 5 minutes.

Organize by document content

By reading the last syllable of your documents automatically, and by using AI, Connectid DataMapper understand and categorize documents into one of 100+ legal and financial sub-categories.

Getting a uniform setup

Organizing documents automatically into an intuitive and uniform structure – making it easy for employees to easily find both their own and colleagues’ documents that they otherwise didn’t know existed.

Smart document search

Finding the needed documents easily, without having to guess on for example title or location. By simply filtering by file type, content, owner, location, people, etc, you can now search smarter and faster.

Information at your service

For each document, the Connectid DataMapper will tell you the document’s original location, the parties of the contract identified, and who can access it.

User access management

By creating user groups and access permissions based on for example sensitivity, content type, seniority, or something fourth – you make the decision of who can access which documents.

Mapping GDPR risks

Using Connectid DataMapper you will find the documents you need – searching and mapping data from email attachments, employees’ desktops, or your company’s storage solutions if wanted.

Toolbox to execute GDPR risks

Making GDPR more operational with a practical toolbox. From getting statistics on document risks and locations to specific instructions to rectify incorrectly handled personal data.

Make better decisions based on document intelligence

”We want to remove manual document handling and allow your company to make better decisions based on document intelligence”

Find data. Get an overview. Limit GDPR risks.

GDPR affects all parts of your business

Identifying personal data is not the same across departments and businesses.
No matter what department or which business you belong to, Connectid DataMapper helps you out.
Get a full overview of all documents containing personal data on applicants as well as former and current employees.

You might have job applications and CVs more than 6 months old, lying around in your systems. And perhaps you have stored employee records that are more than 5 years old. Even though you shouldn’t.

Connectid DataMapper finds both job applications and CVs automatically and highlights particular sensitive data, in order for you to take the appropriate actions. If for example, you need to find all the job applicants and their CVs located in your entire company? No worries – it takes around 6 seconds with Connectid DataMapper.

Get to know where GDPR risks are in your company – automatically.

Probably you have already implemented new data policies to save and store sensitive data. But how do you make sure they are being followed?

This process will be automated with Connectid DataMapper. By doing ongoing audits, you can guide employees to follow the policies. It’s even possible to highlight documents that each of the system users should delete or otherwise handle.

Keep your focus on what’s important – SALES – not GDPR.

When working in sales, you often receive customer data on a daily basis. Most likely you already have a bunch of personal information in your inbox, which needs your attention, though you have other things to do.

Connectid DataMapper lives for giving this kind of attention to your inbox. By matching your documents with customers’ names, Connectid DataMapper automatically creates the overview you need, giving you the time to focus on what’s important – selling.

Empower your search for personal information across departments.

Statistics say that you as an IT manager, most likely are the one responsible for GDPR. If that’s the case, you might also be familiar with the fact that having a complete overview of all personal data across functions and departments can be challenging and very time-consuming, due to the amount of unstructured data.

Connectid DataMapper automatically identifies all the unstructured personal data you have stored in documents across functions and departments and saves you the trouble of going through everything – or a least (as it happens most often), it saves you asking colleagues to do it and never get a response.

Releasing you from your bad GDPR conscience.

Try to think of all the correspondence you have between you and your clients, is it difficult to keep a complete overview? Then try thinking of how much personal data you have received through email correspondence. It is most likely that not all personal data received has been deleted, and you might not have a complete overview of this data.

Connectid DataMapper identifies automatically all personal data in your inbox for you – making it possible for you to focus on consulting and nothing else.

Eliminate the tough manual GDPR tasks and release precious time.

To be part of a start-up often requires a great overview, as you will have plenty of tasks to do. And GDPR is probably not a task you want to spend most of your time on.

Connectid DataMapper is able to discover and organize all your personal data, so you can focus on building your product, go to market, find investors (and all the other millions of tasks on top of your to-do-list).

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