Map all files and emails

Identify and manage GDPR risks automatically

Connectid DataMapper finds your company’s person-sensitive data across employees, cloud storage, systems and apps.

Critical data is automatically highlighted after risk, making it simple to review GDPR risks.

Retrieve data. Achieve insight. Reduce GDPR risks.

Our promises to you

Automate your GDPR efforts

Regardless how many GPDR policies you buy and implement, you still have tons of unmapped documents. You need to document that you have identified and handled those documents.

DataMapper automatically finds all documents that contain personal data, whether in email attachments, desktop or cloud storage – and provides you with a centralized overview.

Avoid huge fines

Non-compliance with GDPR can lead to fines up to 4% of your global turnover or €20 million – whichever is higher.

Stop worrying about fines – let DataMapper find your personal data for your easy compliance. By using DataMapper you take a huge leap in GDPR compliance – and you haven’t spent your own precious time doing it manually.

Cut costs

Any person can require access to all personal data concerning her or him. Estimates suggest that finding and delivering such data, cost an average of €5,000 per request and that you have to find data in 21 different systems.

DataMapper maps personal data in your documents on a person-by-person level for you to easily meet requests at close to no costs and DataMapper easily integrates to most document locations.


Reduce the risk of improper data handling

Complete overview of emails and documents

View everything from a single dashboard. Quickly navigate and go directly to highlighted risk documents and emails.

Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms find and track all your data, whether it’s saved on users’ desktops, in email, or stored in the company cloud.

Scan select locations

Get an overview of your documents and emails across all systems.

You select the locations you want to scan: Local drives, emails, cloud storage, and more.

Categorize your documents, also across multiple languages

Find and flag all critical documents across all storage locations and multiple languages.

AI and machine learning organize documents intuitively based on contents and context.

Organize documents and emails across employees

Save time and frustration. Admins quickly find their own and team members’ documents and emails, including ones that were lost or overlooked.

DataMapper can automatically organize all company documents into a structured and uniform format. This provides the administrator with a complete overview of GDPR risk areas

Useful information right at hand

For each document and email, you can view its original location, who has access to it, when it was created, go to it, and more.

Identify high-risk documents and emails

A practical tool that can guide you on how to properly manage person-sensitive data and make the GDPR work for you.

Ongoing audits of documents and files allow Connectid DataMapper to show you statistics on document risks, storage locations and more.

Start small, scale as needed


per user/month

 + Optional onboarding fee

1 scan location

(Outlook or Gmail included)

Anyone can automate their work. Begin with the basics.

€54 per extra connector 

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per user/month

 + Optional onboarding fee

3 scanning locations

Unleash the power of automation.

€121 per company/month

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Ninna HansenEjer, Videbæk EDB Service

Vi sender årsopgørelser, lønafregninger, skatteregnskaber og andre fortrolige dokumenter – det er bl.a. vigtigt, at de bliver sendt til den rigtige person eller virksomhed

Rune DoberckService Delivery Manager, IT Operations & Security, BankInvest

...Compliance er væsentligt for vores forretning og ligeså samarbejdet med strategiske partnere som Safe Online, der hjælper os med at overholde nye regler.

Thomas LarsenTeknisk Direktør, datacompagniet

datacompagniet leverer sikkerheds- og compliance løsninger. Som forhandler af Safe Online’s produkter, benytter vi produkterne hos os selv og ved vores kunder. Med fokus på GDPR og sikre it-løsninger er der et godt match!

Follow along our guide to get you set up

Get started with ConnectId DataMapper

Book a 20 min. walk-trough.

The first thing you need to do in order to get started with Connectid DataMapper is to book a walk-through. Here one of our consultants will tell you more about how your company can benefit and increase GDPR compliance.

Receive an onboarding package.

As you set up your company account, you will receive an onboarding package that includes 4-5 documents with templates and emails for internal use, so you get the best possible start using Connectid DataMapper.

Invite users & start scanning.

Invite your colleagues, manage their permission levels, and let them scan their file locations for relevant documents. 

Choose the document locations you want to scan (desktop, emails, local or cloud storage, etc.) and start your scan.  

Start cleaning up.

Once you have run your first scan you will be able to discover any potential GDPR risks and identify all needed documents across destinations without moving them from their original location.  

Making it easy for you to take action and track your company’s GDPR compliance. 

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