Digital security as a foundation

For a construction company, compliance with the privacy regulations may not be your highest priority. Nevertheless, you typically collect large amounts of sensitive data about your employees. In addition, you may be required to have contracts in place for construction that may run over several years. It can be a challenge to keep track of all this sensitive data while running a construction business. Often, companies within Construction have neither the processes nor up-to-date IT systems to protect sensitive information as required by privacy regulations.

Helping contractors

Here are your sensitive data

You often have sensitive information about your employees, partners and subcontractors. Having worked with a number of construction companies, we know that the sensitive data you have are typically:

  • Contact information and photo IDs
  • Trade union memberships
  • Work experience and education history
  • Salary and compensation
  • Insurance and benefits info
  • Criminal records
  • Health and vaccine status
  • Training, certificate and performance data
  • Performance evaluations
  • Contracts with customers and suppliers

You may not consider handling sensitive data an important part of your work, but statistically speaking, you have a lot of sensitive information. Even if you already have IT systems in place, we see that sensitive data often continues to find its way in outside of the secure systems. And perhaps your IT systems are not updated in relation to privacy regulations? The mistakes that are often made in your industry when processing sensitive data are that you have data stored unprotected in outdated systems, you get the sensitive data sent unencrypted via email, and you don’t make sure to get it deleted again.

How we can help you

Our data discovery tool, DataMapper, uses artificial intelligence to find documents, emails and images with sensitive content across your data systems. You will have the opportunity to finally clean up data containing sensitive information and comply with privacy regulations. Cleaning up will be more accurate and much faster than if you had to clean up manually.

Find employees’ sensitive HR data
Keep track of the sensitive information you have collected by email
Find and forward client invoices to a third party.

Keep a record of personal data as per GDPR Article 30.

Use case

A construction company with 25 employees wants to become more GDPR compliant. They want to find and delete data that is too old, correct any errors detected, and have the remaining data ready to perform risk assessments. They decide to get DataMapper, and within minutes they have:

A list of all sensitive data
An overview of the data’s age, type and location
A quick way to delete sensitive data
An option to control access to the sensitive data
One dashboard to monitor all sensitive data

Results and savings for the company


Risk documents, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Risk documents, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Hours of work saved per year for the company.

DataMapper is part of PrivacyHub

We want GDPR compliance to be as easy as possible so you can focus on running your business. That's why we created PrivacyHub, to simplify 3 of your most important tasks.

  1. Tracking and monitoring sensitive data
  2. Responding to data access requests (DSARS)
  3. Sharing and requesting data safely by email

Get the whole platform now to become compliant from the moment you collect personal data to the time you delete it (or return it to its owner). Or, start with one solution to tackle your most pressing compliance task first and go from there.

Do you need a safe way to share and request personal data? ShareSimple can help.