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Agencies, hotels and other companies in the travel industry often have a large amount of sensitive information. We see that a lot of this sensitive information ends up in unprotected folders and data systems. This typically happens trough your contact with customers by email. If this is to be avoided, it requires a great deal of data discipline for each individual employee. In practice, this is almost impossible.

Travel and hospitality

Here are your sensitive data

Having worked with a number of companies in the travel industry, we know that the sensitive data you have is typically:

  • Passports and photo IDs
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Visa information
  • Payment information
  • Contact information
  • Travel insurance
  • Health and vaccine status

Your CRM system may be good at protecting customer information. But before they end up in the CRM system, they have typically gone through your email, where they are unprotected. And is it conceivable that the employees have sensitive data in their own folders? The processing errors with sensitive data that are made within the travel industry are typically that you don’t actually know where it is, you get sensitive data sent unencrypted, and you don’t delete old sensitive data.

How we can help you

Our data discovery tool, DataMapper, uses artificial intelligence to find files, emails and images with sensitive content across your data systems. You will have the opportunity to finally clean up data containing sensitive information and comply with privacy regulations. Cleaning up will be more accurate and much faster than if you had to clean up manually.

Find sensitive information on travelers
Delete outdated information
Keep track of employees’ sensitive data
Keep a record of personal data as per GDPR Article 30.

Use case

A travel agency with 30 employees wanted to make an inventory of the personal data they stored on their customers. The agency knew they were responsible for keeping track of their sensitive data, but they weren’t sure how much data they had or where to start. The CEO was aware that the travel consultants had collected a large amount of sensitive information about the guests over the years via e-mail. The IT manager decided to get DataMapper and within minutes they had:

A list of all sensitive data
An overview of the data’s age, type and location
A quick way to delete sensitive data
An option to control access to the sensitive data
One dashboard to monitor all sensitive data

Results and savings for the company


Files, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Risk files, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Hours of work saved per year for the company.

Travel data

DataMapper is part of PrivacyHub

We want GDPR compliance to be as easy as possible so you can focus on running your business. That's why we created PrivacyHub, to simplify 3 of your most important tasks.

  1. Tracking and monitoring sensitive data
  2. Responding to data access requests (DSARS)
  3. Sharing and requesting data safely by email

Get the whole platform now to become compliant from the moment you collect personal data to the time you delete it (or return it to its owner). Or, start with one solution to tackle your most pressing compliance task first and go from there.

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