Provide the customers with digital security

The retail industry handles a significant amount of sensitive data on customers and employees. Perhaps you have already implemented secure IT systems to manage this data. Unfortunately, we continue to see cases where sensitive data resides in unprotected computer systems and folders. This often happens after your interaction with employees and customers via email. To avoid these situations, it requires that every single employee who handles sensitive data exhibits a high degree of discipline – something that few have. This makes it challenging to comply with GDPR.

Here are your sensitive data

Having worked with a number of companies within the retail industry, we know that the sensitive data you hold is typically:

  • Customer information: Personal information, purchase history and payment information
  • Employee information: Names, addresses, CPR numbers, salary information and possibly health information
  • Supplier information: Contact information, financial information and contracts
  • Inventory management: Product descriptions, item numbers and sales data
  • Customer interactions: Complaints, support requests and feedback

The retail industry has a surprising number of processes where they receive and store sensitive data. This often happens via email or other insecure systems, which makes it difficult to keep track of this data. Frequent processing errors within the industry include receiving unencrypted data via email, lack of overview of the data’s location and forgetfulness in relation to data deletion.

How we can help you

Our data discovery tool, DataMapper, uses artificial intelligence to find documents, emails and images with sensitive content across your data systems. You will have the opportunity to finally clean up data containing sensitive information and comply with privacy regulations. Cleaning up will be more accurate and much faster than if you had to clean up manually.

Find employees’ sensitive HR data
Keep track of the sensitive data you collect on your customers

Keep a record of personal data as per GDPR Article 30.

Use case

A clothing store with 10 employees wanted to get a handle on the personal data they had collected about their customers, employees and suppliers. The store was aware of their obligation to protect this personal data, but was unsure of the amount and where to begin. The collection of sensitive data on customers had been done through unprotected processes. A customer alerted the store that they had a problem. Therefore, the clothing store decided to use DataMapper and within minutes they achieved the following:

A list of all sensitive data
An overview of the data’s age, type and location
A quick way to delete sensitive data
An option to control access to the sensitive data
One dashboard to monitor all sensitive data

Results and savings for the company


Risk documents, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Risk files, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Hours of work saved per year for the company.

DataMapper is part of PrivacyHub

We want GDPR compliance to be as easy as possible so you can focus on running your business. That's why we created PrivacyHub, to simplify 3 of your most important tasks.

  1. Tracking and monitoring sensitive data
  2. Responding to data access requests (DSARS)
  3. Sharing and requesting data safely by email

Get the whole platform now to become compliant from the moment you collect personal data to the time you delete it (or return it to its owner). Or, start with one solution to tackle your most pressing compliance task first and go from there.

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