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HR departments and recruiters accumulate lots of sensitive data about employees and candidates. You may already have secure IT systems in place. Nevertheless, we see that many people continue to receive files with sensitive data outside these systems – for example via email. To avoid this, it requires great data discipline, which few have. This makes it difficult to process people’s data in accordance with privacy regulations.

HR data

Here are your sensitive data

Having worked with a number of HR departments and recruitment companies, we know that the sensitive data you hold is typically about employees and candidates, which includes:

  • Contact information and photo IDs
  • Work and education history
  • Salary and compensation
  • Insurance and benefits information
  • Criminal and credit history
  • Performance evaluations and disciplinary action

Do you know where all this data is and if it is protected? If you are like many other HR departments and recruitment agencies, you have collected sensitive data by email. This is problematic, as data is unprotected in email inboxes. The mistakes that are often made by HR and recruitment people when processing sensitive data is that you are not actually aware of where the data is, you do not have consent to store data, and you get it sent unencrypted via email.

How we can help you

Our data discovery tool, DataMapper, uses artificial intelligence to find files, emails and images with sensitive content across your data systems. You will have the opportunity to finally clean up data containing sensitive information and comply with privacy regulations. Cleaning up will be more accurate and much faster than if you had to clean up manually.

Quickly find specific applications and files
Find and delete police records and CVs you no longer need
Find valuable assets for your office
Keep a record of personal data as per GDPR Article 30.

Use case

As a recruiting company, BackUpvikar were aware that they had to comply with GDPR legislation. That required them to have control over the processing and storage of personal information. After reviewing their systems and processes, BackUpvikar realized that they lacked a solution that could help clean up sensitive personal data. They needed a way to identify where this data was located so they could ensure it was deleted or moved to a secure location. After acquiring DataMapper BackUpvikar got:

A list of all sensitive information across their data systems
An overview of the age, type and location of data
A quick way to delete old data
Option to control access to data
One dashboard to monitor all sensitive data

We needed a solution
As a company, we were aware that we had to comply with GDPR. That required us to keep track of the processing and storage of sensitive information. After reviewing our systems and processes, we realized that we lacked a solution that could help us to locate our sensitive data. We needed a way to identify where this data was located so we could ensure it was deleted or moved to a secure location.

A product that matched our needs
After researching different solutions, we were still unsure what would work best for our needs. However, we were not aware that a product like DataMapper existed. One day we were contacted by a salesperson from Safe Online who introduced us to their product that could help us scan our data and identify sensitive personal information. We decided to use Safe Online’s DataMapper to handle our challenges with personal data, after taking a closer look at DataMapper’s features and making a comparison with other solutions.

Our new process
We began a process where we scan our data at least once a month. After each scan, we are presented with a list of the files that contain personal sensitive data. We may then choose to delete or move these files to a secure location to ensure they are protected. We are also able to see when the files were created and who has access to them, which is a big help in identifying any security risks.

What we like
One of the things we like about DataMapper is that there are tabs such as unhandled, resolved and action required. This makes it easier to see when you can give the scanned item a status and then move it from “Unhandled” to “resolved”. It is also nice that you can split the scan in Outlook, SharePoint or OneDrive, so that you can handle the scanned in small chunks. When you have scanned and found files with sensitive data, it is a nice feature that the location of the file is specified. That way, you can easily and quickly access the file. A reminder by email every 14 days is a really good improvement, so you remember to have your files scanned.

We were very pleased with how DataMapper works. This makes it easier for us to comply with GDPR.

We were especially pleased with the help we received from one of the Safe Online supporters, Caroline, who is very friendly and helpful. All in all, DataMapper is a great help for us in terms of complying with GDPR and managing our personal data.

Mette Davidsen
Office Assistant at BackUpvikar

Results and savings for the company


Files, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Risk files, emails and images found in the company’s storage.


Hours of work saved per year for the company.

HR data

DataMapper is part of PrivacyHub

We want GDPR compliance to be as easy as possible so you can focus on running your business. That's why we created PrivacyHub, to simplify 3 of your most important tasks.

  1. Tracking and monitoring sensitive data
  2. Responding to data access requests (DSARS)
  3. Sharing and requesting data safely by email

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