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Identify and manage Data Privacy risks automatically

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Do you still face challenges with data privacy regulations?

Lack of overview of risk data across company

Know where risks are in your company on dprivacy ata level

Lack of digital tools in day-to-day operations

Reduce your internal costs and optimize your data privacy processes

Lack of employee engagement

Improve employees’ efficiency and awareness when working with PII

You are in good company

Use Case

Minimize your Data Privacy risks effectively and systematically

Read a customer case where DataMapper helped a client with the data discovery and data deletion process


DataMapper is a Data Discovery Tool that runs on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). It finds your company’s personally identifiable information (PII) across employees, cloud storage, systems and apps.

Critical data is automatically highlighted after risk, making it simple to review Data Privacy risks.

View your Data Privacy statistics and privacy score

Get a quick overview and zoom in on the areas that contain the most risks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) help you scan 50.000 documents and e-mails per hour!

Files are automatically classified into 80 categories with up to 98% accuracy

Easily see how many high risk files and e-mails you have
Take the temperature of your company’s compliance on files/e-mail level with DataMapper’s privacy Score
Simple overview of which document categories your high risk files/e-mails belong to
Identifies social security numbers & high-risk keywords
Identifies names in files
Track files back to their original location
Take action on each files/e-mail

Inspect and take actions on your risk files/e-mails

Review the specific risk files/e-mails and take appropriate actions

Ensure that employees are aware of the privacy regulations and take appropriate actions

What does DataMapper automatically search for?

7.000 sensitive words in:
Swedish (add-on)
Norwegian (add-on)
(Additional language packages on demand)

Sensitive numbers:
Driver’s license
Social security
Credit card

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within different categories:

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