Simple, smart data discovery

Track and monitor personal and sensitive data

DataMapper quickly finds sensitive information across all company storage locations and flags data that should get special protection.

Tracking personal data manually is an almost impossible task

Sensitive personal data can be found in many different locations, making it difficult to track and protect.

DataMapper’s artificial intelligence and machine learning quickly finds and tracks sensitive data in:

  • Inboxes
  • Cloud storage
  • Local storage and more

Searching for sensitive personal data can be a very slow and tedious task.

Use DataMapper to save time and money when you:

  • Respond to privacy requests (DSARs)
  • Prepare data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)

Most data breaches are caused by employee errors.

Invite your whole team to DataMapper so that:

  • Each user can see where their sensitive data is and its risk score
  • Admins can monitor all data to coordinate security measures for the whole organization

A few of our customers

Focus advocater

Uncover hidden risk data

Avoid data breaches and fines

More and more small and medium businesses choose DataMapper to discover, map and continuously monitor sensitive data, wherever it is. Here are 11 reasons why you should too →

A smart data discovery tool

How does it work?

DataMapper uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to find your company’s personally identifiable information (PII) across employees, cloud storage, emails, systems and apps.

Invite your team to connect their storage locations to monitor all company data from one dashboard. Critical data is automatically highlighted, making it simple to review data privacy risks.


Statistics and your current data privacy score

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) help you scan 50.000 documents and e-mails per hour

Files are automatically classified into 80 categories with up to 98% accuracy

Get a quick overview and zoom in on high risk documents

Shows you how much sensitive data you have
Sorts documents by risk level
Shows you high-risk categories
Shows you your progress
Identifies names in files
Identifies social security numbers & high-risk keywords
Take action on any risk file/e-mail
Tracks files back to their original location

Track and monitor

Keep track of high risk files and emails

Find and review high-risk company files/e-mails

Monitor and adjust your privacy management practices to make sure your whole team complies with regulations

DataMapper is smart

It recognises sensitive data, including...

7.000+ sensitive words in:

Swedish (add-on)
Norwegian (add-on)
(Additional language packages on demand)

Sensitive numbers:

Driver’s license
Social security
Credit card

Browse high-risk keywords found and filter for specific ones
Filter by risk level

We can customize DataMapper to meet your company's goals

DataMapper is built using international standards and open technology. A flexible, expandable design makes it work for you.

We are constantly adding new integrations. Let us know if you need an integration you don’t see here.

Contact us to talk about what DataMapper can do for your company’s privacy program.

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DataMapper FAQ

How can DataMapper help you comply with regulations?

What should you do with high-risk documents you find?

Get answers to frequently asked questions.

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