Send and request sensitive data in Outlook

ShareSimple is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, that gets you a secure email for just €5 per user per month

Send and request sensitive documents securely
Get c
onsent and logs for compliance
Avoid fines and data breaches

ShareSimple makes it safe to mail sensitive data in Outlook

ShareSimple is a user-friendly add-in for Microsoft Outlook that protects sensitive personal data you send and receive.  Sending confidential documents safely has never been easier. Share and request sensitive data in compliance with global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA and more. ShareSimple is a simple and low-cost add-in that is easy to install from Microsoft AppSource.

How to use ShareSimple

1. Start a new mail in Microsoft Outlook.


2. Open the ShareSimple window, then click share or request.


3. Drag and drop files, add a secure message, or build a secure request form.

4. Send your email. The recipient will get a one-time password to open the secure link.


Mette talks about ShareSimple

1. How does ShareSimple help you?
We work with sensitive information daily. When we started our company, right away we needed an easy, safe way to send sensitive information securely, both to municipal officials and to the parents of the children and young people we work with. Likewise, municipal officials and parents needed an easy way to send us personal files and other sensitive information securely. 

We were looking for an email solution we could use to communicate safely with everyone, and we needed it right away so we could get to work. Happily, a skilled IT expert who was familiar with Safe Online and your way of working recommended we try here. 

2. How do you use ShareSimple?
We send and receive files about the children, young people and families we work with which always contain sensitive personal information. We also send documentation about our work, including status reports and other records to municipal offices and parents. To work effectively, we need to exchange all of this confidential, highly personal information quickly, while still making sure it is protected.  

When we ask someone for personal files, we use ShareSimple to send them a secure link they can use to send everything back to us in an encrypted folder. We send our documentation back the same way, with a secure link to an encrypted folder. Our customers, colleagues and business partners can then open the folder and save the files in their own secure systems. All of our employees have ShareSimple installed on their computers.  

 3. How easy is ShareSimple to use?
The system is very easy to use even for people like us who don’t necessarily have IT as their core competence.

We are also happy to work with you because you are always very available and helpful if we do have challenges with the system. You are always kind and patient and do what you can to find a solution. You understand how important it is for us to have satisfied customers, and that we cannot carry out our work if something goes wrong.  

Mette Guldfelt
Director at MindFlex

How ShareSimple can help you

Protect data

 Sending sensitive data in an unencrypted email is against data rules. ShareSimple protects data at rest and in transit.


Show compliance

Give people a safe, easy way to share sensitive data with you. Show data protection agencies that you follow the rules.

Avoid fines

Failure to get consent and protect the data you collect can lead to GDPR fines of up to 4% of your annual revenue and damage your brand.

How ShareSimple works

ShareSimple is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which can send and receive data securely with Outlook to/from any e-mail server. All data is stored in an encrypted folder that only the sender and recipient have access to. All incoming and outgoing data is protected with TLS 1.2 and 2048-bit encryption. ShareSimple obtains consent automatically and logs all actions in accordance with the data rules. Files transferred with ShareSimple are scanned for viruses and automatically deleted after the retention period set by the admin. ShareSimple works globally on any browser type.

ShareSimple Features

Compliant file sharing

Send and request data securely, as required by privacy laws.

Data Encryption
Data you share and request travels safely in an encrypted folder.
Virus protection
Built-in antivirus and malware protection keeps data safe.
File expiration
You decide how long the files you send should be available.
Additional users
Invite team members to use ShareSimple. Create shared folders and files.
Two-step verification
Choose two-step verification of sender and requester for increased security.
Show credibility
Your company logo will be displayed when people use the secure folder to share data with you.
Get consent
ShareSimple gets consent before accepting personal data.
Get notified when the data you request is sent back safely and ready to view.
Secure upload point

Add a TrustedLink to your website or email signature so people can share data with you at any time. (Additional purchase.)

ShareSimple is global

ShareSimple is truly global. It crosses borders, allows upload of up to 50 mb, and works with any web browser without certificates.

Use it anytime, to send and receive data to/from anywhere in the world.

Why choose ShareSimple?


Easy share/request window with drag and drop


Add ShareSimple to Outlook in 1 minute

Low cost

Get ShareSimple for just €5 per user, per month

How to get started with ShareSimple

If you would like us to demonstrate how ShareSimple works, please book a demo. We would love to show you how easy it is to get email encryption with ShareSimple. Or, feel free to download ShareSimple directly from Outlook or from Microsoft AppSource. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Prices for ShareSimple

Try ShareSimple free for 14 days or get a pricing package tailored to your business today

FreeFREE 14-day trial


per month
  • 1 user for 14 days
  • Compliant file sharing
  • Data encryption & Virus protection
  • File expiration
  • Two-step verification
  • Notifikations
FREE 14-day trial

TailoredPremium subscription


per month
  • Choose number of users
  • Compliant file sharing
  • Data encryption & Virus protection
  • File expiration
  • Two-step verification
  • Notifikations
Contact us

* €5 per user

Our customers had this to say about ShareSimple

We send and receive loads of documents with highly confidential information in them every day. It's critical that we confirm and document that each one is sent to the right recipient.

Ninna HansenOwner, Videbæk EDB Service

Keeping up with privacy regulations is a must in our business. Our partner, Safe Online, helps us get there.

Rune DoberckService Delivery Manager, IT Operations & Security, BankInvest

We use Outlook Mail at our company. Although I am responsible for data security, I cannot be sure that the employees comply with the data rules when they send and receive emails from our customers. With Sharesimple, we have a tool every employee at the whole company can use. It is easy to install and anyone can learn to use it.

Hanne MikkelsenData Protection Officer at medium-sized company

Delivering security and compliance solutions is what we do. We’ve partnered with Safe Online to offer their privacy solutions to our clients, but we also use them ourselves. Since we both focus on GDPR compliance and safe IT solutions, it’s a perfect fit.

Thomas LarsenCTO, Datacompagniet

Sharesimpel is a small program that solves a big task for us. We are in an industry where data security is paramount. We need a healthy way of handling emails, and here sharesimple is a really good tool.

Per-EmilData Officer at medium-sized company

Privacy is important to us, so we want to offer our members only the best and safest digital solutions. That’s why we recommend they use ShareSimple from Safe Online for safe data sharing.

Steen HermansenDPO, Danske Advokater

ShareSimple is part of PrivacyHub

ShareSimple belongs to PrivacyHub, which is a SaaS platform for handling sensitive personal data. PrivacyHub has divided the processing of personal data into three phases. With RequestManager companies can receive data requests, with DataMapper personal data can be located and with ShareSimple companies can send (or receive) personal data securely. All three services can work separately, but are designed to work in a symbiosis.

PrivacyHub enables a company to automate the process from personal data entering the company’s data systems while personal data is in the company to personal data leaving the company again. PrivacyHub is designed so that companies can start with one solution and add an additional one if the need arises.

ShareSimple FAQ

How can ShareSimple help you comply with data regulations? Who can use ShareSimple? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is ShareSimple?

ShareSimple is an Add-in for Outlook. It creates a secure folder to safely share or request even very sensitive personal information from others at any email address, even if they don’t use ShareSimple.

When should I use ShareSimple?

Suppose you need to ask potential employees for police records, medical information or identity numbers. Here are a few things to consider when asking others for personal information:

1. Do I need to obtain consent to view it?
2. How can I make sure it is safe in transit?
3. How can I keep track of it once I receive it?
4. How long am I allowed by law to keep it?

All of these concerns are addressed when you request data with ShareSimple.

Your request message is sent with a one-time password to access a secure folder where the recipient can fill in info or attach files and give you consent to view it before sending it all back to you securely. You can choose whether to let them verify their identity with just their email or add an SMS code for extra security.


1. Start a new message and open ShareSimple.
2. Click request data, specify the information you need and send your message with the secure attachment from ShareSimple.

The recipient:

1. Gets a one-time password to access the ShareSimple secure folder.
2. Gives consent, fills in the information you asked for and sends the secure folder back to you.

The data is auto-deleted after a maximum of 32 days. You can customize this retention period in admin settings.

Can anyone use it?

ShareSimple requires a Microsoft 365 account, but ShareSimple users can share or request documents to/from anyone at any email server (Gmail, icloud, yahoo, etc.).

Your recipients do not need to add ShareSimple to receive your shares and requests.

ShareSimple is available from Microsoft AppSource and the Outlook add-in Store.

Can I use ShareSimple with a Gmail account?

Not yet. Please check our website for updates. Meanwhile, you can already use your ShareSimple with Outlook to share and request information from others who use Gmail or any other email server.

How do I get ShareSimple?

Outlook desktop app:

Open Get Add-ins on the right-hand side of your top ribbon to go to Microsoft AppSource. Search for ShareSimple and click ‘Get it now’.

Outlook web app:

Open the Apps menu in the top left corner and choose Add-ins to go to Microsoft AppSource. Search ShareSimple and click ‘Get it now’.

Microsoft AppSource:

Search ShareSimple and click ‘Get it now’.

From our website:

Read more about ShareSimple and click ‘Try ShareSimple’ to get it from Microsoft AppSource.

How can I invite users?

You can invite users of your company individually via the admin center in ShareSimple or you can choose to add multiple users at the same time via Microsoft 365 admin center.

You can find more information on how to add several users at the same time here.

What happens when my mail is sent?

Your secure message is sent with a one-time password to access a secure folder where the recipient can either;

• fill in info or attach files and give you the needed consent to have the data, before it’s all sent back to you securely (that is if you request data).
• or verify his or her identity (for email only or together with an SMS code for extra security), before downloading or viewing your shared documents (that is if you share data).

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