Easy to use add-in for Outlook

Securely send and request data with ConnectId Mail

Connectid Mail is a simple add-in for Outlook (All Microsoft mail solutions). It enables you to securely share and request personal and sensitive data.

Only €5 per user per month.

Protect the people you communicate with.

Data encrypted in both directions

Data is saved securely in an encrypted folder, and not in emails, backups, or other insecure locations.

Only the sender and recipient can access the files in the secure folder.

Connectid Mail is a place for your data – regardless of you sharing or receiving data – even if the recipient does not use Connectid Mail.

Built-in protection against virus and malware

All data is scanned for virus and malware before it ends up in your secure folder.

Stay protected from identity thieves, hackers, and malicious attacks from the outside.

You decide how high the security level needs to be

With a single-use code, Connectid Mail makes it possible to verify the email. Two-step verification is also possible with a single-use code for phone and email.

You can select whether the recipient should be able to download the file or merely read it.

It all happens easily and quickly within Outlook itself.

Share data with any person or business quick and easy

Drag and drop files from your desktop or folders on your computer.

Add a note for the recipient to view before he or she downloads or view the files.

Files are available for a limited time

The shared files are available to the recipient for 7 days as standard, but the time-frame can be adjusted. After which they are deleted automatically.

The files can only be downloaded by the recipient.

How to request data

Select the type of information you need.

Request the recipient to upload files such as passport photos, criminal records, tax statements, or others.

You might also need shipment information, social security number, passwords, or logins.

When the recipient securely sends the information back to you, GDPR consent is managed automatically.

Make a personal and recognizable upload point

Customers and others need to be able to trust you when they upload sensitive personal data.

The upload point therefore needs to be recognizable with your own logo.

You can easily adapt the look of the upload point with the logo of your business. It increases recognition and minimizes uncertainty.

Be notified as soon as your request is answered

You will automatically be notified when your request for data has been answered.

Securely access the files in the cloud. No person-sensitive data is sent in the email.

Connectid Mail is global

Connectid Mail is truly global, regardless of borders, upload-size, web brower, or certificates.

Connectid Mail has no limitations on usage. Wherever you are or how you use it.

Free 14-day trial

Start today and get the first 14 days for free

No locking into a plan, try risk-free with no credit card required and continue for as low as €5/user per month.
Share files securely in the cloud. No person-sensitive data is sent in the email itself.

Encrypt all sensitive email communication easilyStart small, scale as needed


user per month
  • Two-step verification of sender and requester
  • Data is archived in a secure, encrypted folder – not in the email
  • No need for encryption certificates
  • Consents and actions are logged automatically
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Get started with Connectid Mail

Follow along our guide to get you set up

How to get Connectid Mail?

Connectid Mail is available in Microsoft AppSource and via the Add-in Store in Outlook.

Connectid Mail requires an Office365 account, but once you have it you can share or request documents from users with all other mail systems – including Gmail.

From your desktop Outlook:

Open Get Add-ins on the right-hand side of your top ribbon to go to Microsoft AppSource. Search for Connectid Mail and click ‘Get it now’.

From your web browser Outlook:

Open the Apps menu in the top left corner and choose Add-ins to go to Microsoft AppSource. Search Connectid Mail and click ‘Get it now’.

From Microsoft AppSource:
Search Connectid Mail and click ‘Get it now’.

How to invite users?

You can invite users of your company individually via the admin center in Connectid Mail or you can choose to add multiple users at the same time via Microsoft 365 admin center.

You can find more information on how to add several users at the same time here.

Start using Connectid Mail.

Now you are ready to share or request even very sensitive personal information from others at any email address, even if they don’t use Connectid Mail.

Your secure message is sent with a one-time password to access a secure folder where the recipient can either;

• fill in info or attach files and give you the needed consent to have the data, before it’s all sent back to you securely (that is if you request data).
• or verify his or her identity (for email only or together with an SMS code for extra security), before downloading or viewing your shared documents (that is if you share data).

Take a look at our FAQ regarding Connectid Mail

Get answers on frequently asked questions



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