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From startups to large enterprises — companies of all sizes choose Safe Online’s PrivacyHub to automate data processes to keep up with global privacy regulations.


You get 3 easy ways to comply with privacy regulations:

See how Connectid DataMapper can help you.
See how Connectid Business can help you.
See how Connectid Mail can help you.

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Simplify Data Privacy

Could your employees have high-risk personal data that you don’t know about (but are liable for!) stored on their computers or in email folders?
See how Connectid DataMapper can help you.
Have you already been asked to hand over a customer’s or employee’s personal data? Do you have a system in place to process such privacy requests?
See how Connectid Business can help you.
Does the way you and your team send sensitive information (internally or externally) put you at risk of a data breach and fines?
See how Connectid Mail can help you.

Impact for our customers

Avoid heavy fines

Non-compliance with the GDPR can result in fines of up to 4% of your global revenue or 20 million euros, whichever is higher. Make sure you have a system in place to protect your company from liability.

Reduce costs

Anyone can request access to the personal data you store about them. Finding and delivering the data may involve data collection from ~21 different systems, costing an average of €5.000 per request. PrivacyHub save time and costs for this process, making your life easier.


Even if you've implemented solid privacy policies, your team still has loads of high-risk data scattered across company systems. How will you show that you are tracking and protecting them? Use PrivacyHub’s DataMapper module to automate this task by finding all high-risk files and e-mails across the organisation.

You are in good company

Minimise your data privacy risks

Effectively and systematically

Learn how DataMapper helped a client with the data discovery and data deletion process


Why PrivacyHub

We’ve got you covered, with a unified platform and a unique collection of services that meets your compliance needs.
Safe Online’s solutions power administrative tasks in your organization that require finding:

Personally Identifiable Information
in unstructured data (PII).

Sensitive Data Discovery

Connectid DataMapper is powered by AI and helps you automatically find and flag all critical files and e-mails containing PII across all storage locations and multiple languages.

Data Subject Access Request
Management (DSAR).

Data Subject Access Request Management

Connectid Business is your ticketing system helping you authenticate, streamline, and track incoming DSAR requests.

Sharing sensitive data between
companies and individuals.

Sensitive Data Sharing

With Connectid Mail you can share and request personal and sensitive data in a compliant way.

Did you know?

Privacy Regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, Pipeda, are being implemented around the world and the global coverage of the regulations will increase to 65% of the World’s population by end of 2023. Are you ready?

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