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If you ask small to medium-sized companies whether they value their employees and their customers, most will say yes. But many of these companies are not doing enough to protect the personal data of employees, customers and other contacts. Not only does privacy regulations require it – we believe, it will provide a competitive advantage.

At Safe Online, we create SaaS solutions for small to medium-sized companies that automate a responsible processing of personal data. With these tools, employees can skip the complicated and time-consuming processes that are usually associated with handling sensitive personal data and start complying with data privacy laws the easy way.

Christian Bohn
CEO at Safe Online

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What our customers are saying

We use Datamapper to scan our emails and drives for GDPR content. It was super easy to install and easy to access. At first, we used it to clean up everything that had accumulated over time. Now we use it continuously to ensure that we comply with our own rules. I can definitely recommend Datamapper. Safe Online were great at helping us get started and when we have questions, they respond quickly.

Kristian HansenCoordinator at Dansk Søredningsselskab

We are an IT and BI consultancy that we receive new personal data every day that we must handle correctly. DataMapper is a smart solution that easily gives us an overview of our sensitive personal data in our company. When it comes to GDPR compliance, DataMapper solves a key task for us.

Pelle EilandCEO, Fairpeople

We send and receive loads of documents with highly confidential information in them every day. It's critical that we confirm and document that each one is sent to the right recipient.

Ninna HansenOwner, Videbæk EDB Service

Data privacy and compliance with privacy regulations is a must in our business. Our partner, Safe Online, helps us get there.

Rune DoberckService Delivery Manager, IT Operations & Security, BankInvest

Delivering security and compliance solutions is what we do. We offer Safe Online's data privacy and compliance software to our clients, but we also use them ourselves. Since we both focus on GDPR compliance and safe IT solutions, it’s a perfect fit.

Thomas LarsenCTO, Datacompagniet

Privacy is important to us, so we want to offer our members only the best and safest digital solutions. That’s why we recommend they use ShareSimple every time they share or collect sensitive data.

Steen HermansenDPO, Danske Advokater

After we scanned with DataMapper, I was a little unsure what now? But then I discovered that there were some different folders that would be good to get "locked" so that not everyone can just access them. Then I found out that we could use one of our other solutions to store important information on customers, so that it is not on our PC, but secured, online. I have started to keep an eye on our emails, to ensure that we do store things that we shouldn't in our mail box.

Maja PedersenHR Chief, JP Vagt

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