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Being compliant means that you follow the applicable data legislation. The requirements to protect the personal data of customers, employees and contacts require continuous attention to the sensitive personal data that you as a company process. It can be a challenging task for companies – small and large. With compliance software, you can make life easier for yourself.

What GDPR says about the handling of personal data

GDPR is designed to protect the data rights of European citizens. This means strict security standards for how you as a company handle personal data. In order to process sensitive information in a manner that is compliant, you must be in control of all the situations where you handle personal data. According to the GDPR, this includes when you:

  • Informs about data (GDPR Article 15)
  • Correct data (16)
  • Deletes data (17)
  • Limits data (18)
  • Notifies about data (19)
  • Provides data (20)
  • Documenting data (30)

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3 work processes which are central to the processing of personal data

If you translate the aforementioned situations where, according to the GDPR, you handle personal data into specific work processes in a company, you can say that there are three work processes that are central to handling personal data:

  • Organisation of the company’s sensitive personal data
  • Sharing of sensitive personal data
  • Answering personal requests for sensitive personal data


Software to achieve compliance

To ease the burden of being compliant, companies have the option of using compliance software. This type of software can automate many of the necessary tasks associated with GDPR compliance. It includes i.a. data collection and processing processes, updates in relation to legislative changes and reporting to the authorities. By using compliance software, companies can simultaneously reduce the risk of errors and violations of the regulations. This means that you, as a company, can focus on your core services while complying with the legislation.

Want to clean up your emails for sensitive information?

With an analysis scan by DataMapper, you can have all Outlook accounts in your company scanned. You will receive key statistics on all (current and former) employees' emails - including information on which emails, employees and processes generate GDPR risk.

How compliance software can help you

There are i.a. three types of compliance software, each of which can contribute to making you process data with sensitive personal data responsibly and in accordance with the GDPR rules:

1. Data Discovery Tool
A data discovery tool is a basis for organizing your data in a way that complies with the GDPR. A data discovery tool gives you the opportunity to find and mark files, emails and documents that contain sensitive content by searching for GDPR terms anywhere in your systems. Data discovery works across employees, cloud storage, systems and apps. You get the documents in question on a list, after which you can delete, move or do whatever you want with the files.

2. Email portal
A secure email portal makes it safe and easy to share or request data by email. Data is shared via an encrypted folder with built-in virus and malware protection, as well as security that includes password managers and two-factor authentication.

3. DSR Portal/Data Request Portal
If a customer requests to be handed over their personal data that you store in your systems, the rules require that you find and respond with the requested data in a timely manner. A data request portal can create a structured process for requests for personal data. This makes it easier for your company to navigate inquiries and respond to them.

Let compliance software help you

The before mentioned software types can help you manage sensitive and personal files. At Safe Online, we have created solutions for exactly these purposes. Together, they make up our GDPR platform PrivacyHub, which handles the most central tasks for the individual employee in relation to handling personal data. The three tools in PrivacyHub each solve their own task and can be used both together or separately. The tools are:

DataMapper - find your sensitive data
ShareSimple - send and recieve data securely in Outlook
RequestManager - process data subject requests easily

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