The DataMapper Digital Trust Badge

Enhance your customers’ confidence and demonstrate your commitment to data security and privacy by proudly displaying the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge on your website, email signature etc.


What does the badge mean?

By proudly displaying the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge, your organization showcases that you actively use DataMapper to handle sensitive data, it shows that you care about securing people’s data rights as well as complying with GDPR and it shows that you go through your sensitive files regularly. Here are 3 things that the badge translates into:

1. Usage of DataMapper
The DataMapper Digital Trust Badge demonstrates that your organization utilize DataMapper to find of safeguard sensitive information. It signifies that your organization takes a proactive stance in identifying, securing, and managing sensitive data across various platforms and repositories. Contacts can trust you with their confidential information is handled with utmost care and precision.

2. Dedication to Data Cleanliness
Displaying the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge signifies your organization’s dedication to maintaining a clean data environment. By leveraging the power of DataMapper, you ensure that sensitive information is promptly identified, eliminating the risk of data leaks or unauthorized access. This commitment to data cleanliness helps you uphold the integrity of your systems and protect your customers’ privacy.

3. Regular Cleaning of Sensitive Data
The DataMapper Digital Trust Badge demonstrates that you clean up sensitive data located on both cloud and non-cloud data locations on a regular basis. As sensitive data tends to pile up, there is a need to effectively process sensitive data. The badge shows that every 14th day you get prompted to clean up using DataMapper, reducing the risk of accidental data exposure.


Why showcase the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge?

By displaying the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge, you communicate that your organization prioritizes data security, cleanliness, and compliance. It sends a clear message that you have implemented robust measures to protect sensitive data, creating a foundation of trust with your customers.

Here are the compelling benefits of incorporating the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge into your branding:

  • Strengthened Customer Trust: In today’s data-driven world, customers are increasingly concerned about the security of their personal information. By displaying the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge, you instantly communicate to your audience that their privacy is a top priority for your organization. This fosters a sense of trust, assuring customers that their data is safe in your hands.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Building a strong reputation for data protection and digital trust is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Adding the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge to your website and email signature signals to your stakeholders that you are proactive in safeguarding sensitive information. It differentiates your brand as a responsible and reliable entity in the marketplace, enhancing your overall reputation.
  • Competitive Advantage: As privacy concerns continue to rise, customers actively seek out businesses that prioritize data security. By prominently displaying the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge, you gain a competitive edge over competitors who may not demonstrate the same level of commitment to protecting personal data. It helps you attract and retain customers who value privacy and seek trustworthy partners.
  • Comply with privacy regulations: Demonstrating data rights compliance is a critical aspect of complying with the law. The DataMapper Digital Trust Badge represents your dedication to maintaining a secure digital environment and complying with national and international data regulations. It ensures that the data protection authority in your country that you take responsibility for enforcing privacy regulations.
  • Clear Communication: The DataMapper Digital Trust Badge serves as a visual cue that sends a unequivocal message about your organization stance on data privacy. It effectively communicates your proactive approach to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information.

Choose the DataMapper Digital Trust Badge as a visual representation of your commitment to handling sensitive data responsibly. It reassures customers, partners, and stakeholders that their information is in safe hands, solidifying your reputation as a trustworthy and compliant organization in the digital landscape.


How to get the badge?

You can download the badge here: