A smart privacy management platform

PrivacyHub is a privacy management platform for businesses. The platform contains three tools that simplifies key tasks associated with handling sensitive personal data in accordance with UK-GDPR, GDPR and CCPA.

One platform for sensitive data

Handling sensitive data can pose an almost insurmountable privacy challenge for a company. The laws and regulations for the protection of sensitive data are complex, extensive and changing. In order to process sensitive personal data properly, you need to get a handle on all the situations where you as a company have to handle personal data according to global privacy regulations. This includes

  • to inform about data (GDPR Article 15)
  • to correct data (16)
  • to delete data (17)
  • to limit data (18)
  • to notify about data (19)
  • to hand over data (20)
  • to document data (30)

PrivacyHub is a platform that enables a company to handle these situations. PrivacyHub has three tools that together automate the most central parts of processing sensitive data for any kind of business.


3 tools for privacy management


Get control of your sensitive data

In order to process sensitive data, you need to know exactly which personal data you have lying around. DataMapper is a sensitive data discovery tool that uses artificial intelligence to locate and get an overview of files, images and emails that contain sensitive personal data. DataMapper also allows the user to take action on what should happen with this data.

GDPR ready

Article 30 says that whenever your business collects, stores, and processes personal data, you are responsible for this process. You should “maintain a record of processing activities under [your] responsibility”. That means you must know exactly what personal data your business stores about clients, leads, employees, past employees, etc. 


Share sensitive data safely

When sensitive data is to be shared, it is crucial that it is protected. ShareSimple is an Outlook add-in that makes it possible to send or receive sensitive data in Outlook without compromising GDPR compliance or data security. This is done by creating an encrypted connection where data can be shared securely.

GDPR ready

According to Article 5, personal data must be processed “lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent matter.” It should be collected for “specified and legitimate purposes” and “processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security”, including “protection against accidental loss, destruction, or damage”.


Make it easy for contacts to request data

RequestManager is a DSR portal that enables companies to receive and process data requests from contacts. RequestManager makes it user-friendly and transparent for contacts to request their data. For you as a company, the handling of data requests becomes easy and structured.

GDPR ready

The data subject rights outlined in Chapter 3 allow people to make a variety of data requests that you must respond to promptly: “Right to be informed, Right to access, Right to rectification, Right to be forgotten, Right to data portability, Right to restrict processing, Right to withdraw consent, Right to object, Right to object to automated processing.”

One platform for privacy management

PrivacyHub was created to give businesses the peace of mind of knowing they are set up for their 3 most important sensitive data management tasks:

  • Localising sensitive data
  • Sharing and collecting sensitive data securely
  • Answering data subject requests

PrivacyHub is a modular solution. Start with the task you are most concerned with, then add other solutions when you are ready.

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