Powering the future of Privacy and Trust

At Safe Online, we believe people have the right to decide what happens to their data.

Therefore, we help companies manage personal data in a responsible way. This is how we promote digital trust between people and companies.

Who are we

Safe Online is a Danish SaaS company, that was founded in Copenhagen in 2017, with the aim to increase digital trust worldwide and inspire people to take personal data seriously.

Our why

Our mission is to give people and businesses the right tools to manage and share personal data in the best way. We want to turn privacy management into a competitive advantage rather than a burden.

Our mission is to empower people and businesses
PrivacyHub is made up of 3 privacy management business solutions

What we do

We create easy-to-use SaaS tools that make it easy for SMBs to:

  • Discover personal and sensitive data
  • Handle privacy requests
  • Share data securely

With the right tools companies can skip the complicated, manual and time-consuming processes associated with managing sensitive information.

Our leadership team

Christian Bohn


20+ years of experience in global high tech. Passion for building companies and teams.

Sebastian Allerelli

Founder | COO

8 years as a Governance, Risk, and Compliance specialist. 20+ years in sales. 7 years with SaaS/scale-ups.

Razvan Ursachi

Head of R&D

Human-Computer specialist with more than 5 years experience of development of SaaS solutions.

Martin Strube

Head of Sales

8+ years in SaaS, 20+ years in sales and leadership; passionate about startups, growth companies and dad-jokes.

Our board of directors

Gregers Kronborg

Chairman of the Board

Business Angel, Rulebreaker Ventures

Kim Storm

Board member

Founder of ITMC Soft

Torben Arnth Nielsen

Vice Chairman

Partner in Linde & Partners

Morten Søeborg

Board member

Partner in Hansen Toft

Become a partner

We are constantly adding new integrations and looking for technology and referral partners.

Strategic partnerships let us deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Let’s grow our businesses together.


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