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The best GDPR solution for you

An effective GDPR solution must be tailored to the size, complexity and needs of your business in terms of GDPR management. There are many types of GDPR solutions that can address specific parts of the GDPR.

The purpose of this blog is to guide you in choosing the GDPR solution that’s right for you. This is done by creating clarity around what a GDPR solution is, what types of solutions there are, and what options are available on the market.

Briefly about GDPR

GDPR, which aims to protect citizens’ personal data and privacy, includes a number of requirements that companies must comply with when collecting, processing and storing sensitive information. Handling sensitive data under GDPR poses a significant challenge for businesses. The rules are not only complex, but also extensive and constantly changing. To ensure the proper handling of sensitive information, it is necessary to have control over all situations where a company needs to handle such data. This means when you:

  • inform about data (GDPR article 15)
  • correct data (16)
  • delete data (17)
  • limit data (18)
  • notify about data (19)
  • provide data (20)
  • document data (30)

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What is a GDPR solution?

A GDPR solution refers to a platform or specific tools from a platform that are designed to help a company meet the requirements of the GDPR. A GDPR solution can be comprehensive and cover all aspects of the GDPR, or it can refer to selected tools or modules designed to address specific parts of the GDPR. The focal point of the GDPR solution will be one or more of the aforementioned situations in which a company processes personal data.

GDPR tools can include the following features:

  1. Find sensitive data: A Data Discovery tool identifies all personal data that a company collects, stores and processes.
  2. Manage consents: A consent tool obtains, records and manages consents from individuals.
  3. Manage data requests: A DSR portal enables you to receive, verify and respond to requests from individuals regarding their personal data.
  4. Conduct DPIA assessments: Support to perform Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) in relation to specific data processing activities.
  5. Manage privacy policy: Tools to create and maintain clear and transparent privacy policies.
  6. Respond to data breaches: Features to detect, report and document data breaches in accordance with GDPR requirements.
  7. Sending and receiving sensitive data: Supporting compliance with the rules for transferring data to countries outside the EU/EEA.
  8. Document compliance: Ability to generate reports and documentation for auditing and reporting to authorities.
  9. Educate employees on GDPR: Training tools and awareness programs to minimize errors caused by employees.

A company can choose to implement specific tools from a GDPR solution based on its needs. For example, you can choose a tool that focuses primarily on consent management or data breach management, depending on your organization’s priorities.

What GDPR solutions are there?

There are many different GDPR solutions on the market. Some vendors’ GDPR solution is an entire platform, while others are just individual tools. In Denmark, some of the most common GDPR solutions are:

  • OneTrust
  • TrustArc
  • SAP Privacy Governance
  • IBM Security Guardium
  • Data&More
  • Microsoft Compliance Manager
  • Sixtus Compliance
  • Adoxa
  • Phinder

And then, of course, there’s us from Safe Online.

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About our GDPR solution

At Safe Online, we have created the GDPR solution PrivacyHub, which contains three tools. The benefits of our PrivacyHub solution are:

  • Covers the three most central tasks with personal data; locating personal data, emailing personal data and handling data requests
  • Made for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Is user-friendly so it can be operated by all members of a company
  • Is updated according to the latest data protection standards
  • Takes just minutes to get started
  • Is affordable

Sebastian Allerelli

Founder & COO at Safe Online
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