A secure upload point

Receive sensitive data with high security

Create a private, encrypted folder where your customers, colleagues, and others can securely upload confidential documents and person-sensitive data.

TrustedLink is a secure upload point which is easy to add to your website or to your email signature.

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Receive data securely

Create trust when requesting person-sensitive data

Give your customers and others peace of mind when they upload personal documents directly to you – and only to you.

Customize the link with your company name and logo, leaving no doubt who the recipient is.

Copy your secure link to a signature or your website

TrustedLink is a secure folder with a unique URL that is easy to add to your website or to your email signature.

All uploaded documents are protected by the highest encryption, access control, and consent management.

Full overview of access and activity logs

Keep a handle on who in your organization has access to uploaded documents and be notified when new documents are uploaded. Automatic notifications and activity log ensure adherence to the GDPR regulations.

Quick and easy consent when uploading

TrustedLink ensures automatic approval and consent via email, before documents can be uploaded.

Consent is archived along the files in an easy-to-access and intuitive structure.

Determine the specific consent to be accepted by the user

TrustedLink allows you to administer all your consents from a single dashboard.

Each folder or request allows you to pick which type of consent to be used.

Take a look at our FAQ regarding Trustedlink

Get answers on frequently asked questions

Where can I get TrustedLink?

Go to ShareSimple

What is TrustedLink?

TrustedLink is a private, encrypted folder with a unique link you add to your website or send by email so customers and colleagues can upload and share files securely.

How can TrustedLink help me be in compliance with GDPR?

The GDPR makes you responsible for obtaining consent to view all data shared with you and protecting it once you receive it. You also need to keep documentation to demonstrate that you’ve complied with these regulations.

TrustedLink has automatic authentication and asks for consent before an upload is allowed. Data uploaded to TrustedLink is secured with the highest encryption and you control access to it. Activity logs track all actions for audit purposes.

Who is TrustedLink for?

Anyone that requests and receives personal information from others will benefit from having a safe, standard location to share and receive files.

Why should I choose TrustedLink?

Providing an easy and secure way to share personal information smooths the onboarding process for new customers and employees and reduces your team’s workload.

Is it difficult to set up?

Just add a TrustedLink folder to ShareSimple in admin settings, then copy the secure link and add it to your email signature, your website; or share it any other way you choose.

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Vi sender årsopgørelser, lønafregninger, skatteregnskaber og andre fortrolige dokumenter – det er bl.a. vigtigt, at de bliver sendt til den rigtige person eller virksomhed.

Ninna HansenEjer, Videbæk EDB Service

...Compliance er væsentligt for vores forretning og ligeså samarbejdet med strategiske partnere som Safe Online, der hjælper os med at overholde nye regler.

Rune DoberckService Delivery Manager, IT Operations & Security, BankInvest

Datacompagniet leverer sikkerheds- og compliance løsninger. Som forhandler af Safe Online’s produkter, benytter vi produkterne hos os selv og ved vores kunder. Med fokus på GDPR og sikre it-løsninger er der et godt match!

Thomas LarsenTeknisk Direktør, datacompagniet

“Vi interesserer os for privatliv og ønsker at tilbyde brugervenlige digitale løsninger til vores medlemmer hos Danske Advokater. Derfor anbefaler vi, at de bruger ‘ShareSimple’ fra Safe Online.”

Steen HermansenDigitaliseringschef, Danske Advokater


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