Secure file drop

TrustedLink is a secure link to upload files and documents. Add the link to your website or email signature. TrustedLinks make it easy for people to send you confidential documents and personal data safely, via an encrypted connection. TrustedLinks cost €10 per link, per month.

Receive data securely
Get consent
Show compliance

Add the link to your website or emails

A TrustedLink is easy to add to your website, your email signature or anywhere else you want to give others access to send you files.

Sharing files is easy

People send files to you via a simple drag-and-drop interface. Customize it with your company name and logo to give people peace of mind knowing the data is going straight to you. You’ll get a notification any time someone uploads a file.

Get notified

Whenever someone uploads a file via your TrustedLink, you will receive a notification by email.

Log of all activities

An activity log lets you show your compliance with privacy regulations.

Get the right consent

When you create a TrustedLink, you must choose a consent form to attach to it. Create your own consent text or use one of the templates included. Consent is automatically obtained before documents can be uploaded. A copy of each consent is stored with the files.

Highest security stantard

All data transferred with TrustedLink is protected with TLS 1.2 and 2048-bit encryption, access control, consent management and a one-time password. Files are deleted after 30 days in accordance with privacy regulations.

Trustedlink FAQ

Get answers on frequently asked questions about TrustedLink

What is a TrustedLink?

TrustedLink is a private, encrypted folder with a unique link you add to your website or send by email so customers and colleagues can upload and share files securely.

How can a TrustedLink help me be in compliance with GDPR?

The GDPR makes you responsible for obtaining consent to view all data shared with you; then protecting it once you receive it. You also need to keep documentation to demonstrate that you’ve complied with these regulations.

TrustedLink has automatic authentication and asks for consent before an upload is allowed. Data uploaded to TrustedLink is secured with the highest encryption and you control access to it. Activity logs track all actions for audit purposes.

What security standards does TrustedLink use?

TrustedLink uses data servers in the Netherlands, which operate according to the highest security standards. Data transferred with TrustedLink is protected with TLS 1.2 and 2048-bit encryption, access control, consent management and One-time password.

Who is TrustedLink for?

Anyone that requests and receives personal information from others will benefit from having a safe, standard location to share and receive files.

What are the requirements for TrustedLink?

TrustedLink requires the administrator to use a Microsoft account.

Why should I choose TrustedLink?

Data in emails from Microsoft Outlook is often not protected with encryption. With TrustedLink, you give contacts an opportunity to send data directly to you in a secure way.

Is it difficult to set up a TrustedLink?

ShareSimple users can set up TrustedLinks in admin settings. Creating a TrustedLink adds an additional cost to your subscription. You will be notified before this happens.

Where can I get TrustedLink?

TrustedLink is part of ShareSimple, which can be downloaded here.

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