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Improved Data Discovery in Outlook with DataMapper

In the ever-evolving landscape of data management and compliance, particularly with GDPR, it’s crucial for companies to efficiently manage their data risks. DataMapper’s new feature, “Outlook Global,” offers a unified approach to simplify this process, allowing a comprehensive risk assessment of Outlook accounts from a single admin point. 

A single-admin solution

Outlook Global within DataMapper enables IT administrators with global admin rights to scan all company Outlook accounts, including shared and personal accounts. This feature streamlines the data discovery process, reducing the workload on individual users and focusing on comprehensive risk analysis. 

Key features

  • Streamlined Scanning: Selecting “Outlook Global” allows administrators to immediately start scanning and accessing a list of accounts, bypassing the need for individual user setup. 
  • Dashboard Insights: The “Outlook Global” statistics are displayed on the dashboard. This provides a detailed view of the company’s data risk without individual user involvement. 
  • User Involvement: While the initial scan is admin-centric, there is an option for customers to invite users to view and manage their specific Outlook risks.

How users will benefit

Outlook Global aims to empower IT administrators to effectively assess data risks across all Outlook accounts, including active, inactive, and shared mailboxes without involving the employees. This snapshot of the company’s risk profile aids in prioritising data management strategies without the need for syncing individual results.

Sebastian Allerelli

Founder & COO at Safe Online
Governance, Risk & Compliance Specialist
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