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Connectid Mail is your Outlook add-in that makes sharing and requesting personal data and sensitive documents secure
– be GDPR compliant.
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Only 5 € per user/ per month.
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What can Connectid Mail do for you?

Share data safely through Outlook (Office 365). Ensuring that you meet all legal requirements for protecting personal data
Data isn’t stored in any emails, back-ups or at the receiver. It’s shared in a secure encrypted folder that only sender and receiver can access
Data you share and request is protected with 1.2 TLS and 2-factor authentication, with optional SMS code
It’s user-friendly. Built on the 2-clicks to a goal philosophy, it’s easy to use for both sender and receiver and does not require any complex certificates
It logs all consents and actions automatically
Share data securely with Connectid Mail

How it works


Start a new email in Outlook and write your message as usual, then open Connectid Mail


Choose either to share or request personal data or sensitive documents


Your email is sent as usual, but personal data is safe in an encrypted folder


The recipient is verified and gives your company consent for handling the transmitted data

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If you are a company with 100+ users, please contact us here

Connectid Mail

Connectid Mail

What are the benefits?

It’s simple. Connectid Mail is an easy to use Add-in for Outlook. It handles a variety of attachments and manages consent automatically, with automatic responses for internal and eternal users.
It’s affordable. Connectid only costs 5€ per active user. Need hundreds of users? We can help you scale on price.

It’s secure. All data is protected with 1.2 TLS, stored in a 2048bit encrypted Azure cloud and secured with multi-factor authentication. All data has an auto-retention period of 32 days or less (easily managed in the admin page).

It’s quick. It takes 5 minutes to install Connectid Mail. Download it for Outlook, just like an app for your phone. If you have a hosted O365 account, go to Microsoft AppSource and search for Connectid Mail. Press Get It Now, and start using right away.

It’s global. Connectid Mail is not limited by country, by upload size, or by the reciever’s webbrowser or certificates. It can be used worldwide, there are no restrictions.
It shows you care. Hackers can get 90% of a person’s identity from their email. Protect the people you communicate with. Use Connectid Mail to send and request photos, contracts, invoices, tax forms, even passwords and credit card PINs.  No personal data needs to be sent in the email itself anymore.

Key features

Easy to install
No certificates needed
Affordable price
No sensitive data in the email
Works on all webbrowsers
Multifactor Authentication
Stored in 2048 bit encrypted Azure cloud
Manages consent

Download now

14 days for free


Only 5 € per user/ per month

Try Connectid Mail

If you are a company with 100+ users, please contact us here

Our customers say,

“… We send annual statements, salary settlements, tax accounts and other confidential documents among many other things. It’s important that they all be sent to the right person or company. “

Ninna HansenOwner, Videbæk EDB Service

“We care about privacy and want to offer intuitive digital solutions to our members at Danske Advokater. Therefore, we recommend that they use ‘Connectid Mail’ from Safe Online."

Steen HermansenHead of digitalization, Danske Advokater

"All of our employees use ‘Connectid Mail' from Safe Online to send and request sensitive data within outlook encrypted. The users find it easy to navigate, easy to use and self-explanatory."

Rune DoberckService Delivery Manager, IT Operations & Security, BankInvest

Connectid Mail FAQ

What is Connectid Mail and how does it work?

Connectid Mail is an Add-in for Outlook.

It creates a secure folder to safely share or request even very sensitive personal information from others at any email address, even if they don’t use Connectid Mail.

What does it mean that I can request others for data?

Suppose you need to ask potential employees for police records, medical information or identity numbers. Here are a few things to consider when asking others for personal information:

  • Do I need to obtain consent to view it?
  • How can I make sure it is safe in transit?
  • How can I keep track of it once I receive it?
  • How long am I allowed by law to keep it?

All of these concerns are addressed when you request data with Connectid Mail.

Your request message is sent with a one-time password to access a secure folder where the recipient can fill in info or attach files and give you consent to view it before sending it all back to you securely. You can choose whether to let them verify their identity with just their email or add an SMS code for extra security.


  • Start a new message and open Connectid Mail
  • Click request data, specify the information you need and send your message with the secure attachment from Connectid Mail

The recipient

  • Gets a one-time password to access the Connectid Mail secure folder
  • Gives consent, fills in the information you asked for and sends the secure folder back to you

The data is auto-deleted after a maximum of 32 days.

Who can install and use Connectid Mail?

Connectid Mail is available in Microsoft AppSource and via the Add-in Store in Outlook.

Connectid Mail requires an Office365 account, but once you have it you can share or request documents from users with all other mail systems – including Gmail.

Can I use Connectid Mail with a Gmail account?

Not yet. Please check our website for updates. Meanwhile, you can already use your Connectid Mail in Outlook to share and request information from others who use Gmail or any other email server.

Where can I get Connectid Mail?

From your desktop Outlook:
Open Get Add-ins on the right hand side of your top ribbon to go to Microsoft AppSource. Search for Connectid Mail and click ‘Get it now’.

From your web browser Outlook:
Open the Apps menu in the top left corner and choose Add-ins to go to Microsoft AppSource. Search Connectid Mail and click ‘Get it now’.

From Microsoft AppSource:
Search Connectid Mail and click ‘Get it now’.

From our website:
Read more about Connectid Mail and click ‘Try Connectid Mail’ to get it from Microsoft AppSource.

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GDPR compliant
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