GDPR Risk Report

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Your employee’s inboxes contain loads of personal information and confidential business documents. Most of it shouldn’t be there. A GDPR Risk Report is based on a scan by DataMapper from which you will gain a complete overview of the potential GDPR risks in company emails. The price is based on the amount of your data.

Privacy overview of your emails
Key statistics on your sensitive data
Recommendations to reduce your privacy risk

Discover your GDPR risk level

DataMapper’s GDPR Risk Report provides a rapid and precise overview of the amount of sensitive content present in the Outlook inboxes of all individuals.

View your risk data by type

You might find it astonishing to discover the variety of personal files and confidential documents that have found their place in company emails, along with the quantity of each type.

See who poses the greatest risk

Discover which present and past employees have the highest volume of files, emails, and images containing personal and confidential business information.

Get a detailed report

Receive essential statistics and guidance on reducing privacy risk. Utilise this thorough report to enhance and demonstrate your compliance efforts to data auditors.

No cure, no pay

If the scan finds that your company inboxes do not contain GDPR risk data, that’s awesome! Your scan is free!

Get started in minutes

Our Customer Success Team, is ready to help you or your company’s Microsoft Admin set up, scan, and get a report for the whole company in just 30 minutes; with no further action needed from employees.

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