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Cleaning up the network drive

In a time where data security is more critical than ever, we are proud to offer a service from DataMapper, namely a network scan. A network scan is designed to detect and protect personal information stored on the company’s shared drives. The network scan is not really news; we have been able to scan network drives for a long time, but now, thanks to a new scanning method, we can offer the network scan at a much more competitive price than before.

A great risk

Our experience with clients shows that the shared drive is often the place where data accumulates in an overwhelming mess. A mess that typically contains sensitive information about customers, employees, and other contacts that has accumulated over a span of 5-15 years or even more. Furthermore, the shared drive is often the primary target for cyber attacks, which is why it is particularly important to protect.

A new layer of security

DataMapper is no longer limited to local drives and cloud storage, but can effectively handle data stored on network drives, which is a critical component for many companies’ data storage. With the network scan, DataMapper can provide an extra layer of data security by enabling organisations to identify their sensitive data with the aim to clear it away so it cannot be misused.

Get your network drives scanned today

This offer represents a unique opportunity to take proactive steps towards better data security and protection. The scan can help ensure that your network drives are not just a storage place for data, but a secure archive, where data – including sensitive information – is protected in accordance with data regulations.

If you are interested in getting your network drives scanned, contact us to learn more.

Sebastian Allerelli
Founder & COO at Safe Online
Governance, Risk & Compliance Specialist
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