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A Landmark Endorsement from Microsoft

In the realm of technology and innovation, securing acknowledgment from an industry giant like Microsoft is more than an accolade—it’s a testament to a product’s potential and its transformative promise. We are thrilled to announce that our innovative solution, DataMapper, has received such an endorsement, coupled with significant financial backing, underscoring the exceptional future we envision for our product.

Nominated for AMMP

The journey towards this remarkable achievement began this January, when Crayon, our esteemed partner, nominated DataMapper for the Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP). This nomination itself was a significant nod to the robust capabilities and bright market prospects of DataMapper. However, the true cause for celebration was the subsequent approval and generous investment from Microsoft, marking a pivotal moment for Safe Online as well as for DataMapper.

A Tribute to Crayon's Support

This milestone would have been out of reach without the steadfast support and confidence of Crayon. Their belief in the potential of DataMapper has been instrumental in reaching this significant moment. We extend our deepest gratitude to Crayon for their unwavering support and for playing a crucial role in this journey.

The Road Ahead

With Microsoft’s partnership, we are on a promising path to realize the potential hidden in DataMapper. The future is full of opportunities for further development and innovations. As we continue forward, we will explore the limits of what is possible with DataMapper.

Sebastian Allerelli
Founder & COO at Safe Online
Governance, Risk & Compliance Specialist
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