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Businesses today receive significantly more data than before

I’m guessing you’re one of them? The risk of obtaining personal data is almost inevitable. Unless you have processes and tools in place to handle personal data, there is a high risk that you will process data inappropriately. You’re probably already aware that this can get you fined and – worse – a bad reputation as a data processor.

Today, data protection agencies are using more resources than ever to enforce the GDPR. It has become clear to large parts of the business community that the GDPR and individual data rights are here to stay. The big tech companies are being scrutinised, and the focus is slowly shifting to ordinary businesses.

At Safe Online, we therefore offer a free GDPR analysis, which is an opportunity for you to take a closer look at your data.

Sebastian Allerelli
Founder of Safe Online

What does a GDPR analysis contain?



You get a scan with our AI tool DataMapper. The scan will be of a sample of your files on either email or Onedrive


We'll have an online meeting to go through your results together


You'll get tips and tricks on how to minimise your GDPR risk (without investing in our tools!)

NOTE: To perform a scan, you must be on an Office 365 email account. The analysis is based on a sample of the company’s data and should be considered as a guideline. The scan is made via our AI tool DataMapper. Safe Online is not responsible for any incorrect or missing information or assessments based on the analysis.

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