Can you answer the following question: “How many companies have access to my personal data?”

100, 200 or maybe 300?? This can be difficult to answer. If you do not have a complete understanding of where your own data is stored and how it’s used, you are not alone.

Your personal data is stored when you shop, rent a car, fly on vacation.. the list goes on. Your data is also collected when you visit websites and download apps. We often consent to share our data without thinking about where it may go and who may use it. This means that our personal data is stored in many more places than we expect.

Some of the industries that store and use our personal data are:

  1. Social media and online platforms
  2. Online stores and research institutions
  3. Online banking and financial services
  4. Cloud computing og remote services
  5. Medico companies and other healthcare services


Companies make money from your data

The social media platform Facebook and the analytics institute Cambridge Analytica have collected huge amounts of personal data about consumers and their behaviour for years. This data has been used for purposes ranging from tailoring marketing campaigns, to even (infamously) influencing the result on a presidential election.

Advanced consumer profiles and metrics can, in the right hands, (or wrong hands, depending on your point of view) help run a billion business through customised marketing campaigns or help banks compiling individuals’ credit scores.

The health sector also stores huge amounts of data. Take Apple healthcare as an example. Apple has launched Apple healthcare, centering on users’ data.

Apple healthcare is an ecosystem based on the data collected through their services; eg. data provided by Apple’s mobile devices (phones and watches). The collected data is then collected in Apple’s cloud storage to be combined with users’ health data from e.g. hospitals and medical records


Take care of your personal data

Our research shows that up to 300+ companies may have your data stored – while only about 60 companies really should have access to your personal data.

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