The consumer green paper allows for consumers to make data portability work for them.

The Uk is a fundamentally strong economy, with a global reputation as a good place to do business. Consumers benefit from competitive markets which deliver better quality, greater choice and more innovative products and services.

With the changing nature of markets and the development of new technologies and practices, it is imperative to review the regulatory model. The increased use of data has enabled companies to develop sophisticated, individual offers to consumers, but also means that companies know far more than they ever did before about our preferences, patterns of spending and engagement with the market.

This is where we find the connection to data portability. The access that each consumer has to their own data without being afraid where it is, or where it may be heading. Having right of access regardless of what information is being handled, and having full control of it.

These are steps that are being taken by economies, and nations around us. With the new GDPR in the EU, it has set a precedent for online security, and data portability.

Read the full Consumer Green Paper proposal here

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