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How many companies use/store/share my personal information? Should I get some of them to delete it, and can I?

Data protection and the privacy and security of sensitive personal data may have come to your attention recently, especially since GDPR legislation saw the light of day in 2018.

You may already be aware that you have the rights to your own data. Now, deciding who can keep your information and who should delete it is easy and free.

Simply download the Connectid Personal app. In a few minutes, you can sort which companies should access your personal data – and which ones should not.

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Download Connectid Personal

Connectid Personal is free in the App Store and on Google Play.

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In this blog post, we will discuss Connectid Personal and explain how it can help protect your data. But first, let’s take a look at a few central concepts of data protection.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, a legislation introduced by the EU that came into force on May 25, 2018. All companies operating in the EU and any company who collects data from EU citizens must comply with the regulation. In Denmark, the GDPR legislation is often called the Personal Data Act.

It determines how companies should handle, store and protect the personal information they collect from their customers and employees. If a company is revealed to be misusing personal information, failing to protect it properly, or ignoring personal data rights, it could trigger huge fines.

The legislation has put the value of personal data and the importance of protecting sensitive information in the public eye.

GDPR legislation is incredibly complex and contains a number of requirements for companies. Here are some of the things companies must do to comply with GDPR law:

  • Keep records of how they process personal data
  • Document and demonstrate that the company follows the principles outlined in the legislation for proper data processing
  • Demonstrate that the company has introduced relevant and appropriate technical and organizational changes to comply with regulations
  • Be open and transparent with employees and customers about how their data is processed

What is personal information?

In short, personal information is information that can ultimately identify a person. Names, CPR numbers, car registration numbers, pictures, fingerprints and medical records are examples.

The GDPR divides personal data into two main categories:

→ General personal information

→ Sensitive personal information

You can read more about both in our post on personal data.

What is data protection?

Everyone has the fundamental right to protect their own personal data.

And anyone who processes others’ personal data, e.g., authorities and companies, is obliged to protect the personal data they collect and receive.

These rights and obligations are collectively referred to as ‘data protection’.

How does the Connectid Personal app work?

Now you have been introduced to key concepts and terms when it comes to data protection. In our digital age, there is no doubt that we, as citizens, share our personal information over and over on a daily basis.

Danmarks Statistik shows changes in the way we Danes feel about providing personal information to social media. In 2015, 30% of Danes had security concerns, but that figure fell to 17% in 2019.

Social media is just one arena in which we are becoming more and more comfortable handing over our personal information. In fact, your personal information is likely stored and shared by many different companies, probably more than you could name.

How can you keep track of them? Can you choose who keeps your data and who deletes it? Connectid Personal can help!

The app basically does three things:

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It finds companies that have your data

You can use the app to scan your email – it will only scan the from and date fields -to get you the names of the companies that may store your information. You can also search the names of companies that you’ve had contact with who may have personal information about you.

It lets you ask companies for your data – for insight or deletion

Once you have your list of companies in Connectid Personal, you can easily use the app to ask about data they hold, or ask them to delete information they have about you completely.


Databeskyttelse: App der tjekker dine data
Databeskyttelse: App der tjekker personoplysninger

It helps you keep track of your data

Connectid Personal makes it easy to keep track of who has your data. It gives you an overview of which companies have personal information about you, letting you decide from day to day who should keep it.

With the Connectid Personal app, you take responsibility for your own data. You can decide who gets to keep it and minimize online risk. Are you ready to get started?