The European Commission Turns Focus to Free Flow of All Kinds of Data

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European Commission

The GDPR, which focuses on the protection of customers and their control over personal data, was implemented in May this year. Since then the European Commission has also turned their attention towards non-personal data and is now “close to finalizing a new regulation on the free flow of non-personal data within the EU”. Non-personal data involves machine data, environmental data etc.

It is the Commission’s goal to “remove technical and legislative barriers to open data flows, including data location restrictions which force service providers to build expensive local infrastructures in each region or country. The EU wants to make it easier to move, share and re-use non-personal data across global markets and borders.”. And they have reached an agreement on it – the Draft Regulation – and when this becomes formally adopted, “the Draft Regulation will become directly applicable law in all EU Member States six months after its official publication.”

The EU legislators intend the Draft Regulation, applicable to the processing of such non-personal data, to supplement the GDPR, so that together they form a comprehensive legal framework for the free flow of data of any kind throughout the EU

Both personal and non-personal data are vital to protect and safely transfer. The scopes of the GDPR and the Draft Regulation are clearly separated, as they focus on mainly different sectors. One problem is that there are cases of “mixed data sets”, in which the data sets encompass both personal and non-personal data. However, “In cases of conflict, the rules of the GDPR will prevail over the rules of the Draft Regulation.

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Our focus as a company lies on the GDPR and the importance of assuring data protection and data portability online. Nevertheless, continuous attention towards the importance of free flow of all kinds of data is important to notice. Because it is imperative to ensure that we have a legal framework regarding various data, to guarantee protection and lessen the number of data breaches. If you want help with data portability in your company, contact us at