Singapore to Include Data Portability in their PDPA

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singapore data protection regulation

On Monday the 25th of February, it was announced that Singapore plans to add a data portability requirement in their Personal Data Protection Act. This would give consumers greater control over their data and especially the movement of this from one service provider to another.

The video discusses the fact that the Singapore government plans to add a data portability requirement in its Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). This was announced in Barcelona on the 25th of February at the annual Mobile Industry Trade Show by Singapore’s Communication and Information Minister, S. Iswaran.

The outcomes and demands of this decision will be very similar to those of the GDPR. It will be easier for consumers to switch from one service provider to another, and it could level the playing field among enterprises, giving smaller companies the ability to enter the market. This could also benefit companies and give them the ability to innovate and develop products to suit the needs of consumers based on their data.

It is very necessary to have a high level of transparency in handling consumer data, as the consumer needs to be comfortable and therefore enlightened about how their data is being handled.

The video also mentions that Japan is studying its possible implementation of data portability – data portability it is on the move, and that is great news.

You can see the original video here.

It is very positive to see that the rest of the world is slowly considering and including data portability into their privacy acts and more. Connectid Business helps companies adhere to the requirements of the GDPR and recognises the importance of consumers having control over their own data. We think it is a basic human right, and therefore it is rewarding to see the rest of the world catching on. If you want to learn more about this or simply have a discussion about it, we would love to hear from you.