ShareSimple use case

Share and request real estate data safely

Read about how ShareSimple makes it easy for estate agents to share and request real estate data safely.

real estate data

Personal data that estate agents handle

Agents handle a variety of personal and sensitive data concerning buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords and other members of the community that they deal with.

This includes:

  • Property address, description, photographs, and floor plans.
  • Contact information about buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords.
  • Financial information about property values, sale prices, commission rates, credit scores, and payment details.
  • Legal information such as contracts, agreements, and lease documents.

They need to communicate with buyers and sellers quickly and send confidential documents back and forth securely.

Let’s see how adding ShareSimple to Outlook provides an easy and affordable solution to share and request real estate data safely.

Data sharing problems, solved.

Data sharing issue

  • You need to send a seller an appraisal of their home.
  • You need to request a buyer’s credit score.
  • You want to give a buyer specific advice about mortgages based on their financial situation.
  • Personal financial data lingers in your inboxes for years.

How ShareSimple fixes it

  • Drop the file in the secure ShareSimple folder to send it safely.
  • Create a secure ShareSimple request form to ask for what you need.
  • One-time passwords + two-factor authentication ensure your message goes to the right person.
  • ShareSimple stores files securely for a limited time, then deletes them.

ShareSimple keeps personal data encypted and safely out of your inboxes


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People who change services based on security concerns

Do you want to share and request real estate data safely? ShareSimple can help.