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Protect financial data when you communicate with clients

Read about how ShareSimple helps small brokerages and other financial companies protect financial data when they communicate with their clients, partners, and employees.

Protect financial data

Financial data is sensitive data

If you work in the financial sector, much of the data you handle is personal and sensitive information, this includes:

  • Personal information about customers, such as their names, addresses, contact details, and investment objectives.
  • Financial information, such as bank account numbers, credit card details, investment account numbers, and transaction histories.
  • Tax information, like Social Security numbers, tax identification numbers, and tax returns.
  • Investment information, the types of securities purchased, the amounts invested, and the performance of investments.
  • Records of communications between the stock broker and their clients, such as emails, messages, and phone records.

You need a safe way to communicate with people about their financial information that lets you:

  1. Verify the person’s identity
  2. Get consent to process their data
  3. Protect messages and files in transit
  4. Store them safely with access controls
  5. Delete files when you don’t need them anymore.

Large firms may develop their own portals for safe data sharing, but smaller brokers may wonder if they can afford the security they need for financial data.

Let’s see how adding ShareSimple to your Outlook works as an easy, safe, and affordable solution to share and request financial data that meets the above requirements.

Financial data sharing issues, solved.

❌ Financial data sharing issue

  • You need a quick, safe way to share transaction histories with others in your department.
  • People send you their account numbers and other personal data in email attachments.
  • You need to respond to a client’s specific retirement question via email.
  • Old investment documents linger in your inboxes for years.

How ShareSimple fixes it

  • Open ShareSimple in an Outlook draft and drop files in the secure folder to send them safely.
  • Send a ShareSimple request form with secure data entry fields for bank numbers and more.
  • One-time passwords + two-factor authentication ensure the message goes only to the applicant.
  • ShareSimple stores files securely for a limited time, then deletes them to minimise risk and liability.

ShareSimple protects financial data by keeping it encypted + out of your inboxes


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Do you need a safe way to share and request personal data? ShareSimple can help.