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Freight companies send and request personal data safely

Read about how ShareSimple helps freight companies send and request personal data safely, whether it is personal data related to their drivers, clients or anyone else that they collaborate with.

Freight companies send and request personal data safely

Company data that should be protected

Freight transport companies will have plenty of personal and sensitive information about their drivers and other employees including:

  • Contact information and photo IDs
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Trade union membership
  • Work and education history
  • Payroll and compensation
  • Insurance and benefits info
  • Criminal and credit history
  • Health and vaccine status
  • Performance evaluations

Additionally, the company will store financial information, contact info, and other personal info about their clients, consultants, suppliers, and others. How can they communicate quickly about this confidential data while still keeping it safe?

Let’s see how ShareSimple helps freight companies send and request personal data safely.

Data sharing problems, solved.

❌ Data sharing issue

  • You need a quick, safe way to share a new driver’s license with your office manager.
  • You need to get a consultant’s bank information for payment.
  • You need to ask about an injury they had on the job for insurance purposes. 
  • Client invoices with personal information linger in your inboxes for years.

How ShareSimple fixes it

  • Open ShareSimple in an Outlook draft and drop image files in the secure folder to send them safely.
  • Create a ShareSimple request form with secure fields for bank numbers and more.
  • One-time passwords + two-factor authentication ensure your message goes to the right person.
  • ShareSimple stores files securely for a limited time, then deletes them to minimise risk and liability.

ShareSimple keeps personal data encypted and safely out of your inboxes


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Organizations affected by email data breaches in one year


Average cost for SMBs to recover from a security breach


People who change companies based on security concerns

Do you need a safe way to share and request personal data? ShareSimple can help.