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By 6. February 2020April 17th, 2020No Comments
New features in Connectid Mail

We are constantly developing our solutions, and now we present two new feature for our secure e-mail solution; Connectid Mail.


Connectid Mail is your secure email solution that makes sharing and requesting personal data and sensitive documents secure – directly through your Outlook.

Share. Receive. Secure.


Emails is translated to Danish

In our system there were several emails some of them are customer facing and some of them are operational. This means that both emails that are sent to users and emails that are sent internally in the future will be in Danish if the sender has a Danish Office package.
Furthermore, there have been few improvements in all emails such as logo, footer, text, etc. This results in a more user-friendly experience – and simplifies the message.


New promotion code

When you sign up for the Connectid Mail add-in, it is now possible to enter a code for different purposes such as partner code, discount code, etc.
Safe Online has different partners and offers ongoing promotional rates where promotional codes can be used and pasted to get the agreed discount. However, the codes must be provided by Safe Online or by our partners.

Please contact us if you have any questions ?