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Why have I received a request through PrivacyWallet?

One of your clients is a PrivacyWallet user who is interested in their personal data.

Do I have to respond?

Responding to privacy requests is a serious matter for your company, with a strict deadline (usually 30 days) and hefty penalties for noncompliance.

Where should I start?

If you need help to respond properly, check our tips below or book a call with us for 1:1 guidance for responding to your first request. If you are interested in automated software to handle requests, read more here →

How can I show people they can trust me with their personal data?

How you respond to data requests can make or break your brand, so keep the following principles in mind:

Give insight

Consumers today expect greater control/access to their personal data. Set yourself apart from the competition by being transparent about how you process and protect information shared with you.

Create trust

Most companies need to collect personal data every day to operate. We create new ways for people to share their data with you safely and with confidence. Learn more →


Forward the data request to your DPO or the person responsible for data privacy.
Confirm you have received the request by forwarding it to the person who made it, using the verified contact information listed in the request.
If the type of personal information you store requires further verification, communicate directly with the requestor.
Collect/delete/correct/send data as requested within 30 days using the verified contact information listed.
Remember that local privacy regulations may protect your customers even if your company is in a different region, so make sure you are familiar with the rules that apply to you and to your customers.
Always communicate directly with the data subject once you’ve received a request. Personal data should only be shared with the verified requestor, never send it to us or to any other person.

Read more about data subject access requests
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About PrivacyWallet

PrivacyWallet is a Personal Information Management app created in Denmark by Safe Online to help individuals and businesses cooperate to manage personal data, privacy, and minimize digital risk.

Any request sent to you on behalf of a data subject with PrivacyWallet comes with consent, and the contact information for your response has already been verified.

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It’s free, download PrivacyWallet today!