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What is Connectid Business?

Connectid Business is a SaaS solution that sets up your company to receive and respond quickly and efficiently to all types of data requests that are required by e.g. GDPR and CCPA.

Connectid Business helps your company show that it is data ethical = open and transparent about the way you collect, use, and protect personal data, thereby creating trust.

How can Business help me adhere to the legislations set forth by GDPR and CCPA?

GDPR requires you to give people access to their personal information when they request it. You must be able to respond to all requests within 30 days of the request date.

Companies must be ready to collect and hand over personal data securely to data subjects (the inquirer), and they must keep a log of their activities to demonstrate a secure and prompt response to all received data requests.

Connectid Business can help you track and verify received data requests, collect data from your systems quickly, and deliver data securely; while automatically logging all of the above for audit purposes.

Some of the GDPR rules that Connectid Business can help you comply with are:

Exercise of the data subject’s rights (Article 12)
Right to be informed (Articles 13, 14)
Right of access (Article 15)
Right of rectification (Article 16)
Right of deletion (‘right to be forgotten’) (Article 17)
Right to limit treatment (Article 18)
Right to data portability (Article 20)
Right to object (Article 21)

What is a request portal?

The Request Portal lets people see the types of information you have collected about them and submit a data request securely if they choose.

Instead of requesting all of their data (and increasing your company’s workload), the portal allows them to submit very specific requests for the exact information they are most interested in.

Privacy rules give people the right to submit requests for data access via email, phone, mail, in person on social media; and in fact any way they choose. However, verifying and registering all of these requests can create a bureaucratic nightmare for your business.

By offering the Request Portal in your privacy policy, you give people a standard way to submit requests. Requests submitted through the portal come to you in a structured way and are already verified, logged and organized by due date.

Why does it ask me to add names of employees and customers?

Connectid Business generates a selection of data forms based on your type of business (sector profile).

The forms are configured to match the available data categories on your Request Portal with pre-built fields for fast data entry.

You can further configure and customize the forms by adding and editing fields in Settings> Templates.

What security functions does Business have?

Connectid Business verifies applicants with SMS and email verification so that your company knows that the person is who he / she claims to be.

Require a check of another person for each request before sending a person’s data back to them by going to Settings> Roles. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn on approvals to require 4-eye approval.

All data sent to requesters is protected with Secure 2048-bit encryption.

Why should i choose a version with API's included?

Prebuilt and custom APIs automatically collect data from your internal systems to speed up the response process.

What kind of companies use Connectid Business?

All companies need a system to comply with the rules of privacy and handling of personal data. Connectid Business was designed for that purpose.

You can use our free version of Connectid Business as long as you want to receive, verify and log data requests. Even the free version prepares you for GDPR compliance.

It also shows your customers, employees and others that your business is datetic; that you protect people’s rights and the personal information they share with you.

Upgrade if you receive a large number of data requests or want more advanced features.

Where can i find Connectid Business?

You can see our various options and create an account here.

Is it difficult to get started with?

Once you have created an account, you can start using it from your web browser immediately – no further installation required.

It only takes a few minutes to customize your settings, set up your Request Portal, and invite additional users from your team.

Watch tutorial videos and read more about how to get started and use Connectid Business here.

Connectid Business is a privacy request (DSAR) manager that helps you authenticate, track and respond to incoming DSAR requests on time.

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