Safe Online Acquires SaaS-company, Archii, adding AI Capabilities

Safe Online, a leader in digital trust solutions, acquires Archii to add AI, document and data management features to its Connectid Business and Connectid Personal platforms. The acquisition follows recent $1,5M funding and enables Safe Online to accelerate its product roadmap. Terms of the deal are not disclosed. Archii owners will invest in Safe Online.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 08, 2020

In a bid to offer a complete platform for digital trust solutions, Safe Online has acquired Archii, a Denmark-based SaaS platform that automatically maps personal data across documents and files. Safe Online is a Danish company with global solutions automating tasks associated with the handling and exchange of personal data while securing data compliance, ethics, and transparency.

The acquisition of Archii’s technology and customer relationships enhances Safe Online’s privacy and personal data management platform. The enhanced platform will enable organizations to handle all steps in the data compliance chain – from managing personal data inside the organization and thus reducing risk, to streamlined transparency to customers and authorities, as Archii technology enables them to scan multiple locations for documents containing personal data, and organizing, indexing, and extracting valuable intelligence with an advanced AI engine.

In addition, organizations will be able to operate more efficiently, as a search for relevant documents will be dramatically reduced.

“Integrating the Archii technology will enhance the value we bring to our customers in terms of reducing the effort related to managing customer data and providing peace of mind that the best available tools are applied to maintain a high level of regulatory compliance”, says Sebastian Allerelli, COO and Founding Partner at Safe Online.

The acquisition will enable companies not only to reply to all privacy-related requests with ease but also to have the ability to request personal data from people in a way that has only been available for financial transfers, until now. With the added power of Archii’s technology, Safe Online will enable private people to manage own personal data and share sensitive documents and private information in a new and intelligent way.

The acquisition is an important step in Safe Online’s strategy to offer a complete platform for digital trust, says CEO, Christian Bohn.

”We intend to be the platform of choice for managing and exchanging personal information between consumers and companies. Today, people can request the information that companies have on them, and we can automate the process of handling these requests. But in the future, we can help share personal information in an easy and secure way between consumers and companies like banks, rental companies, etc.”, says Christian Bohn, CEO of Safe Online.

Archii was built to be the leader within AI for document and information management, and the Archii founders are thrilled about the potential for the combined products and the utilization of the technologies:

“The combination of Safe Online and Archii will make the newest technologies available at all customer levels. We will bring more technology, security, and intelligence for everyone handling privacy and personal data. It will be right at the customer’s fingertips and that thrills us enormously! With our plug’n’play approach, existing customers of both businesses will benefit from day one. We really look forward to the journey ahead and watching our investment in the combined business grow” adds Alexander Irschenberger, CEO and co-founder of Archii.

About Safe Online
Safe Online helps companies around the world ensure compliance with privacy regulations and save time when handling personal data. Furthermore, Safe Online helps private persons managing their own personal data with a personal information manager (PIM) app, making it easy and secure for the individual!

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017, Safe Online’s team has made it possible within three years to leverage more than 50 years of experience in IT security, risk- and data management, to develop a cloud service platform that makes it easier and more secure to handle and exchange personal data.

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About Archii
Archii builds plug’n’play algorithms to automatically read, understand, and extract data from documents. By doing this, it enables organizations to automatically map documents and data across systems. With their GDPR product, they automatically map your personal data across all documents by identifying and managing privacy risks (like GDPR or CCPA). Archie was founded in Copenhagen in 2015.

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