Pay attention to those privacy notices in your email. Data portability can benefit you.

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For American users, the GDPR’s greatest gift is its data-portability mandate.

If you use an online service or app that handles your data, you have probably received a flood of emails advising of privacy policy changes. It’s not the U.S. spearheading these changes, but rather the EU that’s been driving the regulations that will be coming into effect May 25, and yield benefits worldwide.

The GDPR will require companies that handle the data of EU residents to allow them far more control over their data. These are some of the key provisions:

  • They must allow individuals to challenge algorithmic decisions that affect them significantly and ask that humans make them instead.
  • They have to let users inspect data collected and correct it on request, plus delete it when it’s no longer needed.
  • They must be prepared for ‘data portability’, ready to let users to download their data in a format they can then take to a competing service.

Many U.S. firms had to rewrite their privacy policies to meet the regulations set out by the GDPR in order to avoid fines that could cost them billions of dollars. But for American individuals, the GDPR’s greatest gift is its data portability mandate. When you can easily take your data and your business elsewhere, you have much more leverage as a customer.

Expect many more changes coming before the deadline. Read more about this matter here and see how some companies are already benefiting from the changes.

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