Organisations are struggling to keep up with GDPR compliance

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Organisations are struggling to keep up with GDPR compliance

Even though all organisations dealing with European consumers and employees must comply with the GDPR, a large part of them are still not living up to the legislation. Talend has conducted a survey, which shows that of the 103 companies they researched, 70 percent didn’t uphold the 30-day limit in providing customers with their data.

In news that will probably surprise no one, a survey has found that few companies are complying with the requirements of the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect more than three months ago.

The research, which was conducted by data integration company Talend SA, found that while 98 percent of the 103 organizations that were contacted had updated their data privacy policy to conform with the new rules, 70 percent failed to provide data within the 30-day limit prescribed by the regulation.

Notably, only 35 percent of European companies — which are those most affected by GDPR – were able to comply with requests, versus 50 percent of those outside the EU. Overall, 70 percent of the companies contacted are based in Europe, 19 percent in North America and 11 percent in Asia/Pacific.

Talend said the study was intended to find out whether companies had updated their privacy policies in line with GDPR, fulfilled the requirement to give customers easy ways to request data, responded to requests in a timely manner and made that data portable.

The 30 percent of companies who did respond within the permissible time limit took an average of three weeks to do so. However, only seven companies responded within 24 hours. They were mostly streaming services, mobile banking and technology categories, while old-line brick-and-mortar firms fared far worst. “The research suggests that businesses that started out offline, and those that are hindered by legacy systems, may find GDPR compliance more challenging,” Talend said.”

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