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You may be familiar with new regulations in the GDPR that sets higher standards for companies when it comes to the management of sensitive personal data. These standards can be difficult to meet, as most companies find proper storage and management of sensitive personal data tedious and time consuming.

New regulations give customers and others the right to ask you to find, deliver and/or remove their personal data from your systems at any time. You need to be able to find the data quickly and send/forward it or delete it completely. Doing this manually can be problematic, with a high risk of human error, wasted time or even data breach.

More and more companies are using software to make compliance easier. The right SaaS solution can help your company quickly identify and properly manage sensitive personal data.

What is data compliance, and do you need software to achieve it?

In short, data compliance means managing and organizing personal data in accordance with current legislation. This includes sensitive personal data related to your customers or employees -information you do not want to risk losing or leaking (data breach).

GDPR regulations were designed to increase the security of personal data, with protection of individual privacy rights and stricter security standards for companies as main points of focus. This puts the burden on companies to demonstrate a high level of security and transparency when handling personal data.

Manually sorting through all your company’s files (including employees’ local drives, emails and cloud storage) to identify those documents and files that are high-risk requires a huge investment of time and presents a greater risk of errors, leaks and oversights compared to the streamlined, automated process that is possible with compliance software.

At Safe Online, we’ve created solutions that make it easy for your company to meet the data compliance standards set by new regulations, minimize your risk of liability for data breach, and build your brand by providing your customers with the confidence and peace of mind that their data is safe with you.

What can our software offer you?

In a world of ever-increasing digitalisation and automation, we leave digital footprints everywhere we go. At Safe Online, we aim to help both consumers and companies keep track of these footprints. Our solutions give you an overview of the personal data you store and foster a safe and data-ethical way of sharing personal information. Each of our three SaaS solutions has something to contribute:

A safe way to share data by email

You need a simple and easy way to share files and documents that meets the new, stricter security standards. Sending or accepting sensitive personal data through email comes with the risk of that data ending up in unprotected folders or lingering for too long in company inboxes, vulnerable to a potential data breach.

Connectid Mail makes it safe and easy to share and request data with your email. Download our email security software from Microsoft AppSource to set up your Microsoft email account (Microsoft Office 365,,, or Hotmail) to send and request files in a secure, encrypted folder with built-in protection against virus and malware, anytime you compose a new message.

It automatically obtains consent for data requested and documents all actions to demonstrate compliance. Use it to share and request data securely to/from any person or business in the world, regardless of their email server.

Files you send will only be available to the receiver and will be deleted after a limited amount of time. This time limit is set to 7 days by default but can be adjusted according to your needs, with a maximum of 32 days.

Data privacy request (DSARs) processing

If a customer requests to see data related to them that you store in your systems, regulations require you to find and respond with the data requested in a timely fashion. You may also be asked to remove all of someone’s data from your systems, and you are obliged to do so promptly and thoroughly. The process of responding to these and other types of data requests is time-consuming and problematic when done manually. This is where our software, Connectid Business, becomes a great help.

Connectid Business creates a structured process for personal data requests, making it easier for your company to navigate requests and respond to them quickly and efficiently. Connectid Business is a portal where requests are received, verified, logged, and administered, keeping all your privacy requests in one place. This provides you with an overview of all requests in real time, streamlining the process of handling them and saving your company up to 30-40 hours per request compared to finding and preparing the data manually.

Identification and management of GDPR risks

Since regulations make you responsible for all the personal data you store, identifying and tracking that data is key to compliance. DataMapper allows you to find and flag files and documents that present GDPR risks by searching for sensitive information, including high-risk keywords anywhere in your systems that you choose to scan.

This unique automated software lets you find person-sensitive data across employees, cloud storage, systems and apps. The critical data is automatically highlighted and classified according to risk, providing you with a simple overview to review GDPR risk.

Using DataMapper helps you keep sensitive documents and files from being lost/buried in you and your teammates files where they can quickly become illegal according to the GDPR legislation.