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Connectid Business
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Connectid Business

We have recently launched a new version of Connectid Business. We have added features that guarantee an even better and more user-friendly service.

Connectid Business is a platform that helps companies manage customers’ requests for Data Portability and the Right of Access in a safe and easy way. Connectid Business gives the company the ability to verify the consumer to make sure data is sent to the correct person.

It also helps structure personal data, delivering the data in a “machine readable, structured and commonly known” format as required by GDPR. The data is collected and delivered in highly secure way.

We recently launched this new version with added features that guarantee an even better and more user-friendly service.

Prebuilt Sector-Specific Templates

We now provide a collection of prebuilt templates that allow your company to choose and structure the data you need to provide to your customers. This can include emails, passport copies, medical history, account information, procurement transactions and more.

If you are not able to find a template that suits your needs, you will be able to build your own templates in the template builder.

Request tags

Customers can select what data they would like to request via customisable Data Tags that are linked to templates that your company has selected. This allows consumers to select the information they would like to receive, rather than requesting all their data, which saves your company lots of time and money when gathering data.

“Data Portability as a Service” Grid

Connectid Business also provides a platform for data portability as a service. One person can use it to manage Data Portability and Right of Access requests for several different companies in a fully secure and segregated way. Any company offering a DPO as a service will be able to use Connectid Business as a data portability service.

Over 190+ APIs

Connectid Business comes with over 190 prebuilt APIs to well-known and widely used applications, enabling companies to easily integrate and retrieve the personal data relevant for a specific customer. The process of connecting to most of these applications is very simple and only takes a few minutes. The APIs include Salesforce, DynamicsCRM, PeopleSoft, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, Dropbox, DocuSign and many more.

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