Secure and encrypted mail

One of the ways you can improve your IT security is by introducing secure and encrypted mail.

According to figures from Statistics Denmark, in 2018, 12% of large companies saw confidential data being passed on.

Statistik over fortrolige oplysninger, der blev videregivet

But what is a secure or encrypted mail and how do I get it? Do you also have many questions on the subject? We have collected 6 questions and answers that (hopefully) will give you a good insight into secure mail.


Is there a difference between secure and encrypted mail?

Yes and no. An encrypted mail is one of the ways you can get a secure mail. Therefore, encrypted mail is a form of secure mail.

A secure mail is a mail that is sent to a recipient, where only this recipient can open the mail. For example, when you send a regular mail, it means that everyone else will be able to open that mail as well.

NemID uses the following analogy to describe the concept:

  • Regular Mail:Corresponds to sending a postcard that anyone can open and read
  • Secure Mail: Only the recipient can open and read the postcard here because they have a key


What is email encryption?

As mentioned before, encrypted mail is one of the ways you can ensure a secure mail. Encryption means that the information is kept secret for unauthorized persons. The way it happens is that the information is transformed from its original form into unreadable information for the third party. Should your mail be hacked, there will be no useful information in it.


Why do I need a secure email?

As a starting point, you need a secure mail if you send and receive the following:

  • Personal data
  • Confidential documents
  • You need to make sure the email is received by the correct recipient (verification)

When we send mails, there is always a risk of the mail being hacked. For example, if you send an email containing sensitive or personal information in a regular mail, the hacker will easily decode the message content. That would not be the case with a secure email where the content would be illegible.


What happens if my mail is hacked?

COO and Founder of Safe Online, Sebastian Allerelli, says a hacker can steal up to 90% of your identity just through your email. Therefore, it is also very important to be aware of how to secure your mail against hacker attacks. If the accident happens anyway and your mail has been hacked, according to, there are 10 actions you should take:

1. Run an antivirus program

First, you need to run an antivirus program to see how extensive the problem is.

2. Change your passwords

After the scan, you should change all your passwords and especially to your mail account. If your mail account has been hacked, you should contact the provider directly and prove who you are.

3. Contact other online services

Your information and payment information is probably stored at some online services. A good idea is to contact these and let them know that you have been exposed to a hacker attack.

4. Notify people you know

You may want to send an email to your mailing list and explain them your situation. In that way, they won’t be lured into a similar situation by the hacker.

5. Change security questions

The hacker is most likely logged in to your mail with your password, but it may also be answering your security question. So make sure to change this too.

6. Report the hack

Make sure to notify the email provider that your mail account has been hacked. This may affect how your mail is perceived, going forward.

7. Create a new mail account

You cannot be 100% sure that the hacker is out of your current mail, even if you have changed all passwords and security questions. It is, therefore, a good idea to create a new mail account and tell it to your contacts.

8. Contact credit institutions

You may have Netflix, HBO, a fitness subscription or an account at H&M where your payment information is stored. Therefore, be sure to inform your credit institution that your mail has been hacked and that they should be aware of any unusual transactions.

9. Consider the possibility of ID protection

ID protection is an online service that monitors e.g. email and payment options. Accordingly, these can be helpful in relation to quickly to catch if the hacker tries to do something with your account.

10. Run your antivirus program again

To make sure that the hacker no longer has access to your accounts, it is a good idea to run the antivirus program again.


How do I get a secure email?

There are a number of companies that offer secure mail setup.

With our solution Connectid Mail, you get:

  • a secure email solution that allows you to communicate securely through Outlook
  • secure verification of recipient and sender
  • a solution that does not require certificates – and can be used between all companies and private people
  • automatic handling of consent and audit logs
  • the ability to send a strong signal that you are ensuring your own and your recipients content
  • pay only for the users you add to the solution – the first 14 days are free regardless of the number of users
  • an integrated solution that connects systems to your relevant documents (Sharepoint, OneDrive, Dropbox and the like)


How do I send secure emails?

At Safe Online, we are experts in secure mail and have developed the system Connectid Mail, which is our mail encryption program. The software requires that you use Office 365 (Outlook) as a mail server and cannot currently be used with Hotmail, Gmail or similar mail servers – even if you use Outlook as a mail client for these mail servers.

Secure and encrypted mail


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