With the changes being implemented by the GDPR, the right of data portability will be accessible to citizens outside of the EU.

There is a high probability that most of the population in North America may have never heard of the GDPR, but we can certainly say that they have heard of Facebook. It is here where the GDPR comes in. Next month, the European Union will implement regulations related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With this regulation being implemented it directly affects every business that handles EU citizens’ data, this includes companies like Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, but also banks, hospitals, insurance providers, and other financial institutions.

There are lots of benefits to this regulation, but one of the biggest win is:The right of data portability, which allows individuals access to all the information a data controller holds on him or her, as well as the ability to request that data be moved to an alternate data controller. (An example of this might be a consumer’s desire to move all of his/her data from one credit bureau to another due to data breach security concerns.)

Since companies that handle EU citizens’ data also handle U.S. citizens’ data, this will give more control to consumers of their own data. So the GDPR not only benefits the EU, but in reality it benefits everyone worldwide.

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