Does the GDPR have an impact on casino gambling and sports betting?

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Does the GDPR have an impact on casino gambling and sports betting?

With data portability being a key factor in the GDPR, online casinos and sportbooks can use this new law to lure customers in from other companies.

As of May 25, 2018, all participants that are involved in the gambling industry in Europe are bound by the GDPR, and this may extend to Africa. General Data Protection Regulation or simply GDPR is a set of regulations that will guide the operations of online casinos and sports betting. It also spells out how operators are to engage with their customers.

Perhaps the biggest thing to note from the GDPR is its take on how online casinos and sportsbooks are to identify their elements i.e. players. In addition to the already common forms of identification such as first names, forenames, home address, IP address and location data, online gambling sites will now be forced to also identify their elements by keeping track of players’ conduct, financial status and gaming preferences, among other factors. GDPR also signals how operators are to keep, disclose and transfer data.

Large penalties for non-compliance

GDPR is a set of bold regulations that may be hard for some sports books and online casinos to adhere to. However, as Europe is making huge strides to make the online gambling industry safer, all actors involved are obliged to strictly abide by GDPR’s regulations. All sportsbooks and online casinos found wanting will have to pay penalties as high as 4 percent of their total global turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher.

Player’s consent

The GDPR regulations also state that gambling sites will have to ask for a player’s consent before processing their data. This may seem like it’s always been the case, but the GDPR now states that an online casino or sportsbook is not allowed to simply ask it along with other consents, for example, in the Terms and Conditions. Instead, they will have to add another checkbox where players will explicitly grant them the right to process their data.

Data portability

With the new GDPR regulations, players now have exclusive ownership of their data. They can request casinos and sportsbooks deliver all their personal data to them or to another party. This not only includes information such as name and location, but financial and gambling history. Sportsbooks and online casinos must provide this data at no additional cost. So, players now have the convenience of transferring this data from one online casino to another, or from one sportsbook to another at no additional cost. New online casinos and sportsbooks will be able to target and lure players from other sites by offering attractive bonuses and promotional offers. Established gambling sites will have to counter by matching the offers, therefore players stand to benefit at the end of the day.

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