Enforcement of the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation is coming soon, what does this mean for consumers?

Companies are having to adjust to the new changes that the GDPR brings, and it’s not only large enterprises but any company will have to fully comply. It may seem easy for some, but any company that tracks consumer data will certainly face some unexpected twists.

Marc French, who is a senior vice president, chief trust officer and data protection officer for GDPR compliance at Mimecast brings up some very interesting scenarios when it comes to data portability. He states: This is the one where the way the regulation reads it is, ‘I have the ability for me to take my data with me to someone else.’Now, there’s two kinds of sticky wickets with this. One is, what does it mean to take your data with you, to where? And two, what time frame is actually outlined to get the data out?

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