“Data portability” is coming to Australia.

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February 27, 2019

“Data Portability” is on the move. The Treasury Laws Amendment Bill 2019 has been discussed in the Australian Parliament and if it is passed, a new “Consumer Data Right” will be introduced in Australia.

Good news!

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Consumer Data Right) Bill 2019 was tabled in Parliament a couple of weeks ago. If passed, the bill will introduce a new “Consumer Data Right” (CDR) in Australia. The CDR will give both individual and business consumers expanded rights of access to data held about them by businesses. It will also give such consumers access to data about products and enable them to share such data with accredited third-party recipients.” (Hughes & Sutherland)

This was already recommended by the Productivity Commission in March of 2017 and was later that year endorsed by the Federal Government in response to the report. Consumers already have limited access to “personal information” provided by Australian Privacy Principle 12 (APP 12) in the Privacy Act. However, CDR will offer larger access, as it “applies to data that relates to businesses as well as individuals and provides access to information about a service provider’s products as well.” (Hughes & Sutherland)

If you want to read the full article, it can be found here.

It is very positive to see the continuous improvements regarding access to personal data and the improved protection of it. At Connectid Business, this is exactly what we are fighting for. If you want to learn more about our business and how we can help you be data compliant, you are welcome to contact us.