With five key takeaways from the session, data portability comes in as number four.

The panel examined important aspects of the EU’s soon to be effective General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The interactive session began with two mock visits with EU regulators / supervisory authorities (DPAs) during which attendees learned what questions to expect from the DPAs and how to demonstrate GDPR compliance. Following the mock visits, the speakers discussed last-minute preparations to consider before the deadline in order to best demonstrate compliance.

With five take aways from the session, the number four takeaway is as follows:According to the panelists, Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), Helen Dixon, recently urged companies to be transparent in their practices and disclosures. Organizations should focus on ensuring that individuals’ rights to data portability and erasure are respected given that more than half of the complaints the Irish DPC currently receives relate to alleged failures to comply with these requirements.      

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You can read the full article here, and see what the other 4 takeaways are.

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