Deloitte thinks so. According to Deloitte, the key lies in implementing data portability in the right manner.

According to Deloitte: “Data portability creates a new right for individuals to have more control over their own data. This new right could lead to considerable costs for organizations, but it also provides a strategic opportunity if implemented in the right manner.”

So what does that entail? The article suggests two ways a company can turn GDPR compliance into an advantage:

i) Try to be efficient.Controllers must be able to comply with the request without undue delay and in any case within one month of receipt of the request. If you implement a process to port data, you should implement a procedure to process other individuals’ requests in accordance with law and provide extra services, for example by guaranteeing more data security.

ii) Aim for the competitive advantage.Think about developing a user-friendly tool or interface that involves the individual and gives them more transparency, insight and control over their own data than other competitors. This right gives customers the ability to switch service providers more easily, make sure they transfer their personal data to your organization and not your competitor’s.”

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