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v. | View Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files | 2020 Jan. 20.


The document communicates major new features and changes in this release of the Connectid Mail add-in for Outlook 365. 

Features and improvements

  • View Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. There were several issues when viewing files from the Connectid mail application. The viewer was not working properly, and in some cases, we could not share data for word, excel and power point files. In this version we changed the viewer and used Google APIs to open and view files which extends the feature to cover a greater variety of files; not only pdf, txt, image but also Word, Excel, PowerPoint files. This feature is also applicable when we receive files form our end user. It will fulfill file sharing needs in most scenarios.
  • Danish Translation of emails. The styling of emails is changed for different email templates as well as to fix several issues in the Danish text and English text. Buttons inside emails are also changed in styling.
  • Databox Integration for Connectid Mail. Connectid Mail KPIs are transferred to Databox to create the dashboard.  An additional matrix is given to production for daily updates, showing number of remaining days for trial customers.