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Connectid Personal 2.3.0

Release notes – Connectid Personal 2.3.0

  1. The Google scanner is ready and live for all the users. The Google scanner functions rather slowly, as Google allows only one e-mail at a time, thus (§0.2 seconds per email – 1000 emails = approx. 10 minutes). For comparison, Outlook allows for 100 e-mail every 0.2seconds.
  2.  Onboarding flow is revised with text and styling changes as per test.
  3.  Relations/companies page now has:
    Ability to search for all companies we have in the DB and add them as relations.
    Ability to scroll infinitely and find companies. The app shows companies from with names starting A-Z and 0-9.
    Ability to filter ONLY relations by sectors and sort them by name, added date and requests.
    Bugfixes on showing data feedback when the user does an action, performance on search cache and search efficiency, styling for iOS and Android.
  4. Profile page has better validation and control on the phone number functionalities.
  5. New users – fully tested, onboarding flow, scanners feedback, update profile, find new companies.
  6. Stability fixes:
    Show reaction to user’s action. For example, when the user changes the status of the request, the page refreshes its data from backend changes.