Receive data securely

TrustedLink is a private, encrypted folder with a unique link you add to your website or send by email so customers and colleagues can upload files securely.

What can TrustedLink do for your company?

With TrustedLink, you create a private, encrypted folder where your customers and colleagues can securely upload confidential documents and data from a unique link, which you add to your website, or to your email signature.
A simple link shared in your email signature or embedded on your website
Protect all uploaded documents with the highest encryption, access control and consent management
Notifications and activity logs to keep you compliant with the GDPR regulations
Automatic authentication and consent before upload is allowed
Give senders peace in mind when submitting their sensitive information to you
TrustedLink - Receive data securely

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How it works


Add a TrustedLink folder to your Connectid Mail folder


Copy the secure link and add it to an email signature, to a website, etc.


You’ll be notified by email when new documents are uploaded in TrustedLink

Please talk to our sales team about pricing and license plan for TrustedLink

Make better decisions based on document intelligence

Benefits with TrustedLink

Personalize with your company’s branding and logo
Use your company name and logo to build your company’s brand and give customers assurance that they are uploading documents to you and only you.
Stay compliant and in control with notifications and activity logs
Control who in your company can access documents uploaded and receive notifications when new documents are uploaded. Automatic retention and activity logs ensure you stay GDPR compliant.
Easily authenticate sender before upload
Authenticate the sender with email before uploading documents.
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