Receive authenticated data requests

Data requests can now come to you in just one simple, structured format, making the request process less frustrating for your entire organization.

What can a Request Portal do for your company?

Receive pre-authenticated data requests and show your users that you protect their rights and the personal information they share with you.
Get the request process streamlined to more effectively handle the variety of data subject requests allowed by new regulations (e.g. GDPR)
You’ll minimize the time-consuming and costly tasks related to responding to a data request with automatic processes – making you able to respond promptly
It makes it easier for your company to be in compliance with the new regulations (e.g. GDPR) and be ready for internal and external audits, as all requests received through the PRP are automatically logged, verified and organized by due date
It lets people see the types of information you’ve collected about them first. Then, if they do choose to make a request, they select only the information they really want access to
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How it works


Place the link for your personalized request portal on your privacy policy


Users see a list of the types of data you collect – being able to make a request for just the category they are concerned with, rather than requesting all their data


You’ll receive the data requests in just one simple, structured format, making any request easy to respond to

You can see a demo of the Request Portal here

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Benefits with a Request Portal

Show that you care about your users’ rights
Placing a link to your personal request portal on your privacy policy shows that your company is transparent and data-ethical; that you protect the rights of your users and the personal data they share with you.
Stay compliant with authentication and activity logs
Requesters are always authenticated with SMS and e-mail verification, so you’ll know that requests from employees, customers or others are really from them, which helps you make sure you deliver the data to the right person. Requesters are auto-notified of all actions by e-mail and SMS. Automatic retention and activity logs ensure you stay GDPR compliant.
Automate the processes and feel secure with professional wording
Workflows are automated and the wording of the standard Request Portal is prepared in collaboration with DAHL – one of Denmark’s largest law firms. If more complex messaging is needed, it can easily be customized in the portal. Do you need additional legal advice regarding data requests, we recommend contacting a law firm, such as DAHL.
Personalize with your company’s branding and logo
Everything in Connectid Business is easy to customize. Add your company’s logo in settings and it will automatically appear on the portal, on emails and text notifications; creating trust and brand recognition for your company.

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