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What can Connectid Business offer your company?

A Privacy Request Portal for handling all request intakes.
Streamlining all requests to your privacy policy – with a dynamic link that can be placed anywhere
Multi-factor verification of requesters via e-mail and SMS authentication
Automated email notifications to alert your system-users and data subjects
Secure 2048-bit encryption of all data deliveries and full audit log of all actions
Manual and automatic data collection. Use with prebuilt or custom API’s
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How it works

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Receive a
privacy request
Connectid Business authenticates the requester
Data is collected manually or automatic and sent
All activities are

Connectid Business

What are the benefits?

Streamlined. All requests come in the same way, everytime. No more handling Privacy Requests from your e-mail or notebook. Keep everything in one place.

User-friendly. No frustrating authentication processes for the requester. Verification and consent are automatic and logged, making it user friendly for you and for the person requesting.

Time-saving. Finding and preparing a person’s data can be time-consuming. Data requests may take 30-40 hours when handled manually, while Connectid Business can handle a request automatically with 120 prebuild API’s or semi-automatically by connecting to core solutions.

Compliance. All internal handling of requests is logged for audit purposes. No data is accepted by Connectid Business until a request is authenticated, it is kept securely and auto-deleted 32 days after delivery. Requesters are auto-notified of all actions by e-mail and SMS.

Key features

Customizable solution with own Request Portal

Start free and only scale as needed

Suitable for all industries and sectors

A global solution – add language on user level

Customizable security settings and reporting options

Receive and automate any request described in your Privacy Policy

A Request Portal customizable for any company in any industry

Multi-login lets lawfirms or DPO As A Service access multiple companies’ sites.

Give privacy. Gain trust.

Connectid Business helps your company use personal data in an ethical way. By being open about how your company uses personal data, you create transparency and gain more trust with customers, employees and others.
These elements contribute to a positive perception of your company’s brand. Studies show that customers increasingly prefer to buy products and services from companies that prioritize the security of customer data. 
Companies that empower people with greater control of their own data have shown a 12,5% in revenue growth vs. companies that do not, according to the research Decoding Organizational DNA: Trust, Data and TO WORK Unlocking Value in the Digital Workplace made by Accenture.
Give privacy. Gain trust. Increase financial performance.

What options are available?

You can easily upgrade if your needs change and you want to automate the processes.

Starter Free

RECEIVE all requests in a streamlined manner via the Request Portal. Ensuring that you have a portal to receive requests and are ready for when they arrive.
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REPLY to all requests with structured data, using national authentication for extra security. We support several national verification options.

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AUTOMATE all processes and get access to prebuilt API’s. Enterprise is for companies that have a larger volume of requests and need to automate the processes. 

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Connectid Business FAQ

What is Connectid Business?

Connectid Business is a SaaS solution that sets your company up to receive and respond promptly and effectively to all types of data insight requests as required by privacy regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA.

Connectid Business helps your company show it is data-ethical = open and transparent about the way you collect, use and protect personal data, creating trust.

How can Connectid Business help me be in compliance with GDPR?

The GDPR requires you to give people access to their personal information when they request it. You must respond to all requests within 30 days of the request date.

Companies need to be ready to collect and transfer personal data securely to data subjects (requesters), and they must keep a record of their actions to demonstrate a safe and prompt response to all data requests received.

Connectid Business can help you track and verify incoming data requests, gather data from your systems quickly and transfer the data securely; while automatically logging all the above for audit purposes.

Some of the GDPR regulations Connectid Business can help you comply with are:

  • Exercise of the rights of the data subject (article 12)
  • Right to be informed (article 13, 14)
  • Right of access (article 15)
  • Right to rectification (article 16)
  • Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) (article 17)
  • Right to restriction of processing (article 18)
  • Right to data portability (article 20)
  • Right to object (article 21)

What is a Request Portal?

The request portal lets people see the types of information you have collected about them, and make a data access request securely if they choose to.

Rather than requesting all their data (causing your company a heavy workload) the portal gives them the option to make very specific requests about just the information they are most concerned with.

Privacy regulations give people the right to make data access requests by email, phone, mail, in person, on social media; and in fact, any way they choose. But verifying and tracking all of these requests can create a bureaucratic nightmare for your company.

Providing the request portal on your privacy policy gives people one standard way to make requests. Requests made through it arrive to you already verified, logged, and organized by due date.

How can Connectid Business’ pre-made templates help me respond to data requests?

Connectid Business generates a selection of data input forms based on your type of business (sector profile).

The forms are set up to match the data categories available on your request portal, with pre-built fields for quick data entry.

You can set up and customise the forms further by adding and editing fields in Settings > Templates.

What are some of the security features of Connectid Business?

Connectid Business verifies requesters with SMS and email verification, so your company knows that the person is who he/she claims to be.

Require a second person check every request before sending someone’s data back to them by going to Settings > Roles. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and turn the approvals toggle on to require 4-eye approvals.

All data sent to requesters is protected with Secure 2048-bit encryption.

Why might I choose a version that includes APIs?

Pre-built and custom APIs gather data from your internal systems automatically to make the response process even faster.

Who is Connectid Business for?

All companies need a system in place to comply with privacy regulations. Connectid Business was designed with that purpose.

You can use our free version of Connectid Business for as long as you like to receive, verify and log data requests. Just the free version alone prepares you for GDPR compliance.

It also shows your customers, employees and others that your company is data-ethical; that you protect people’s rights and the personal information they share with you.

Upgrade if you receive a high volume of data requests or want more advanced features.

Where can I get Connectid Business?

You can see our different options and create an account here.

Is it difficult to set up?

Once you’ve created an account you can start using it from your web browser right away, no further installation is required.

It takes just a few minutes to personalize your settings, set up your request portal and invite additional users from your team.

Watch how-to videos and read more about getting started and using Connectid Business here.

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