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The Connectid Business plugin for WordPress helps your webshop stay GDPR and CCPA compliant by automating the process of receiving and responding to data portability requests.
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What can the Connectid Business plugin offer your webshop?

Privacy regulations allow your customers to ask you for a copy of their personal data. The Connectid Business plugin sets your webshop up to comply. With stored WooCommerce data, you can automate the entire data portability process from request to delivery with a full 360° automation flow.
Add a customizable Request Portal to your site as a block or a widget
Auto-verify all requests, and secure that the right information goes to the right person with automatic SMS + email authentication
Let your customers view and export personal data automatically from WooCommerce
Tracks requests with full reports of all actions
Keep all requesters informed with automatic email notifications
Deliver requested data securely in a commonly used, machine-readable and structured format, as required by privacy regulations
Receive, verify and fulfill data portability requests with Connectid Business plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

How it works


Add and Activate the plugin in Plugins > Add new in WordPress


Go to Tools > Connectid Business > Setup Customer for WooCommerce data extraction


Add a Request Portal link to your site as a widget or as a block in the editor mode


View data requests in Tools > Connectid Business > GDPR Requests

Need more technical information?

Check out our resource page here!

CBW two ways to add a request portal

Why add the Connectid Business plugin?

Show that you care about your users’ rights
Offering the Request Portal on your website shows that your company is transparent and data-ethical; that you protect the rights of your users and the personal data they share with you.
Easy and secure data portability
Now you can extract data automatically from WooCommerce, making it quick and easy for your customers to view and safely export their personal data.
Become compliant with authentication and activity logs
All activities are logged for audit purposes. No data is accepted before a request is authenticated. Data will be kept securely and auto-deleted 32 days after delivery. Requesters are auto-notified of all actions by email and SMS.

Note: Complying with privacy regulations is an ongoing process that involves your whole business, but adding this plugin to WordPress can help. You can learn more about privacy regulations here: GDPR & CCPA.

Get streamlined
All data portability requests come in the same way, every time. No more handling of requests from your email or notebook. Keep everything in one place. Once you have set up your account in Connectid Business, you have the opportunity to add more privacy request options to your Request Portal.
Save time & cost
Finding and preparing a person’s data can be time-consuming. Data portability requests may take 30-40 hours when handled manually. But the Connectid Business plugin can auto-extract and deliver a person’s data from WooCommerce in only a few minutes.

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