To provide a proper overview of where individuals’ personal data really is, companies and organizations need to work with their customers/consumers to ensure transparency.

The GDPR has helped emphasized the importance of protecting everyone’s sensitive data. Furthermore, it makes it a company’s responsibility to allow individuals to easily gain insight into which and how much of their personal data is stored.

Companies today can use this as an opportunity to build confidence in individual consumers by creating transparency about what and how much data they store.

Since so much of our lives is online, we may mindlessly check boxes consenting to data sharing, use of cookies, terms and conditions, and so on…many times a day. We often tick yes without knowing what we’re really agreeing to.


Transparency – active yes or no, please

On digital platforms, a lot more information is collected that we may know. This means we may spread our personal data unnecessarily, which can make us more vulnerable. . Security measures are underway, and action is being taken to increase awareness of personal data use and improve the rights of individuals online.

The rules for cookies and consent include recently updated. These guidelines have been updated by the Danish Business Authority on December 10, 2019. More focus has been placed on giving active consent when we visit a website. This means that the rights of individuals become clearer in relation to data collected. Now visitors must make an active choice; whether they will accept or refuse to collect or store information on their computer and other devices.

“It is the opinion of the Danish Business Authority that the judgment and its interpretation of “active action” means that “moving forward” can be equated with a pre-ticked field and cannot be regarded as an expression of the user’s active, specific consent to use cookies.”
By: The Danish Business Authority (Erhvervstyrelsen)

Companies who show what data is being kept about the individual create trust.


Why does this company really have my data?

Requesting data access, deletion or the delivery of data to a third party are important options when it comes to transparency and trust. You should ask, “Why does this company need access to my data?“. We recommend that individuals pay attention to the consents they give. Check our previous news to read about why you should know what you say yes to.

These days, you can easily find most companies’ privacy policies on their websites. This should also be where you can find out who to contact to request data insights. Did you know that companies MUST reply to you within a month? If the company cannot provide data about you in a timely manner, they should give you a good reason.

Responding to insight requests can be a time-consuming process for companies, as there are many internal systems that store data about you. Many companies have not yet formed an overview of the data they use and how they use it internally or share it with third parties. Therefore, we recommend that, among other things, companies find the right tools to support this process as a step towards building trust with employees, customers and business partners.

Our Connectid Business solution offers a platform that can handle incoming requests and even gather data from internal systems.


Why are data ethics important?

Business data ethics help define how companies relate to:

  • how they collect data about you
  • how they use your data
  • how they share your data

Companies that take the initiative to treat data ethics seriously will benefit from your confidence and mine – rather than companies that ‘wait to focus on this’.
Safe Online holds 2 courses for March in Denmark, which include this topic also deals with data ethics.


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Several analyses show that trends for 2020 indicate that we as individuals prefer to trade and create relationships with companies we trust. We prefer to trade with companies who are transparent and clear about how and what our data is used for.

Safe Online builds trust between companies and individuals with a focus on transparency; providing an overview of how data is really used.

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